I am who I am today because of education. Coming from a poor background was never easy, raised by a single mother who was a domestic worker. All she could buy me was my school uniform to look good in front of the crowd. She told me that only education can get us out of this situation.

I studied very hard at school thinking about my family background. I did not care if I had to wear a torn jersey or not. Look at me now, I have everything I wished for because I am educated, thanks to the right to education. Nelson Mandela used to say education is a key to success. I am where I am today because of the right to education. Education contains everything we need to know in life. All the rights we would not know if was not for the right to education, which teaches us to accept situations and take responsibility for our actions.

Education teaches us to be independent. Those who are educated know what is right, but those who are not educated will run out of options of how to live. Education is power, and no one will take away your knowledge. Even if you die, no one will inherit your knowledge. The only thing we need right now to survive is education e.g. you cannot be a lawyer, doctor, pilot, etc. if you are not educated. The right to education I salute. It is the best right I ever had. Education is the only way to beat poverty.