I feel unsafe in my community because there are gangsters in the streets and they take everything from you that is expensive. I feel unsafe because gangsters in my street do whatever they want, in order to get what they want. My community is very unsafe because the gangsters are taking advantage of us in the streets .The gangsters usually wait for the people who come home from work and take advantage of them by taking whatever they want to take with force, since they carry guns and knives. I feel unsafe in my community because you can’t wear fancy things, as the gangsters usually do their job when the sun goes down. When the sun goes down the gangsters hunt to get money.

Well I’ve learned a lot from the community, like if you want your fancy stuff to survive you must stay indoors and focus on your studies to make sure that you pass. You can then get a job and stay in the suburbs.

In my street there are gangsters that carry guns and knives that they use to rob people of their cellphones and shoes. They usually stay in the corners waiting for the people that come from work; once they are close they attack you and take your money with force. I hate the place I stay in because there are gangsters and I can’t stand gangsters because you can’t even go far from your house wearing your fancy shoes because you know that there are gangsters who are going to take it from you with force. I wish to have a street committee to watch out for gangsters. It would be a great moment for the community and me. We could carry our phones and feel free because there would be no gangsters to rob us and if they did try robbing us they would get caught and beaten up.

It is a nice thing to watch gangsters get beaten up. They will never go back to doing what they used to because they know it hurts a lot. It is not a good thing to be a criminal because the street committee will catch you and they will beat you up like a dog. Gangsters will never stop because they are making money for their families. It would make me happy to see my community free from gangsters.