Be your own role model. I don’t have a person that I call my role model, I am my own role model. I know that a person should have someone, whom they look up to, who inspires them to do greater things in future.

I always encourage and motivate myself. I’ve been through a lot, even though I’m still young. My inner-self, my inner thoughts, the way I view things, the dreams I always dreamed, I am my own role model.

Don’t degrade your individuality, you know yourself, the things you’ve been through, and you survived all of them. It shows how strong you are and you can defeat anything that comes your way.

Learn from that survival badge yourself. When you look in the mirror, the first appearance that you see, consider it your role model.

Whenever you feel like throwing the towel on your dreams, you can go to the mirror, look at your role model, and your spirit will be uplifted because that model is you.