Your brother blames me for the animal you’ve become and your father hates me for ruining his little angel. Your mom can’t stand the sight of me and you can’t bear the thought of letting go.

I swear I loved the little angel your parents raised but I love this big dangerous animal you’ve become even more. Your parents raised a strong woman but I swear you need to be an animal to face all the other dangerous animals in my world.

They tried coming in between us, they locked you in a room filled with your grandfathers pictures and all those family tradition stuff but that never worked because your heart had finally met its rightful owner, the tiger.

I never chose to be this ugly animal, I also wanted to be angel but I wasn’t fortunate enough, I lost my parents at an early age, to survive I had to be a tiger . We don’t choose who our hearts fall for. My heart fell for a very fragile little angel who was unapologetically changed into a tigress.

You no longer live with angels. Your parent’s world is no longer yours. To survive you need blood on your hands that’s why you had to let go of the white feathers you inherited from your parents.