Everyone has a name and everyone’s name has a meaning and a sound. My name sounds like water, like waves on the sea, like a summer’s breeze in the tallest trees.

My mom did not know what to name me but my dad knew what to name me. When I was christened my father asked people to,‘Wear something bright so her name can be bright too’.

They made a great circle under the sun. Some poems were read, some songs were sung to me. They made music with bells. A storyteller told tales and cast African spells over me. They blessed me, sprinkling my face with water and said a prayer of thanks for their little daughter Athini, Athini, Athini. My grandfather then planted a tree and my grandmother held me up for all to see Athini, Athini, Athini. I was praised like a parcel in a party game as each whispered in turn my beautiful name, Athini, Athini, Athini.

So my name is Athini Amantabozane a.k.a Luiaba. I was not named after anyone. I’m really proud of my name and I carry it with pride everywhere I go. I would not ask for a better name than this. I am Athini Lusiba and Dad thanks for this lovely name. I am blessed with having such lovely parents and I wish to pass on this blessing to my children when I come of age by finding them special names.