She always leaves the firm hours later than everyone else. Today she’s leaving two hours later than the closing time. After she won such a big court case against Khuzwayo, a famous drug supplier, you’d think she would leave early today, but that’s not how Phumelele rolls. She is meeting up with her friends in thirty minutes to celebrate her win.

Phumelele is a 24-year-old, single advocate who does her work like she’s been in the game for a million years. She is an only child to parents who heartbreakingly passed away in a car crash. From then, she had to work hard and conquer a million trials to be where she is. She’s been supported by her best friend’s family through all the tragedies she survived.

Phumelele takes the lift from the 12th floor of the glass building to the parking space, two levels below the ground floor. The lift opens to the dimly lit parking space. Her pencil high-heeled silver shoes click loudly against the floor. She walks courageously and confidently like she owns the place, in her perfectly fitting, baby blue suit and a white blouse that complements her skin tone. She has no makeup on, just lip gloss giving her lips a shine.

As she looks up, her heart skips a beat, and she is taken aback by the sight in front of her. A man is striding towards her – he’s fit! He is approaching a large black car parked next to hers. She observes the black suit, a white shirt, and a baby blue tie embracing the body of, who she assumes to be, a gym resident.

She thinks, “What are the chances that this is just a coincidence?”

She observes the neatly shaved chin and a beautiful, fresh ‘fade’ haircut. Right then, she observes the brown eyes. Those beautiful eyes beneath perfect eyebrows immediately lock with hers. They stay like that for what seems like a minute. They get lost in each other’s eyes until he smiles, revealing his bright, white teeth.

“Good evening beautiful lady,” he greets with a hint in his deep voice that he admires her.

She shyly replies, “Hi.”

I tell you, this is the softest we’ve ever heard her speak. All those who’ve attended her court sessions would be shocked.

“How are you?” the guy asks.

Butterflies hop in her gut, but she gains her composure and replies, “I’m good thanks, how are you?”

“I’m also good Miss…” he replies after observing that there’s no ring on her finger.

” … Phumelele. And you are?” Phumelele inquires.

“How about you discover that over dinner tonight?” the guy flirts.

She replies, “I’m sorry, I can’t do tonight. I have a celebration with my friends in a few minutes.”

“Must be nice!” he says briskly, but quickly corrects his attitude.

He continues, “Well, that’s sad, but it’s okay. Maybe next time. If there’ll be…” he whispers the last part.

In his mind, he is still debating whether to fulfil the assignment he’s here for or not. He didn’t expect to see such a gorgeous woman with beautiful manners.

“We will see,” Phumelele replies and clicks on her car keys.

The car unlocks, and she walks a few steps to open her car. As she opens, the guy is a few steps behind her. Another click is heard. Not that of an opening car. A click of a gun being prepared for use. Phumelele turns around to see a black gun pointed at her. Her eyes go wild and she starts sweating.

“What is…” she can’t even finish …

“Don’t ask me questions! I’m not the one who sent you to go prying around people’s closets! My brother got a life sentence today because of you!! And you are out here going to celebrate! So don’t you dare ask me questions!” the guy shouts, yet he is still hesitant to pull the trigger.

Phumelele stands there. Her mind travels back to the yesteryears and her defence classes. A light bulb goes off in her head. In a few moves she ends up in possession of the gun. With shaking hands, she points it at the guy. The guy is shocked, but somehow impressed by such bravery. But his heart is still furious and burning with anger.

‘Click-click– Baam!!’ The trigger goes off. The white top and the blue coat are now covered with blood, right around her fifth intercostal space. Phumelele missed the swift, unnoticeable movement of the guy pulling a second small gun from underneath his coat.

The beautiful Phumelele is now lying lifeless in the pool of blood. The guy stands for a few minutes above her head, wondering what could have happened if they had met in a different light.

Nonetheless, his mission is accomplished, and he has to leave. He opens his car boot to take a big, black body bag out. He kisses his crush’s forehead and says,
“I’m sorry, but my brother would have done the same for me. I hope we meet in another life.”

He opens the grey zipper and puts her in the bag and then the boot. He scrubs the floor until it is spotless.

The ‘Khuzwayo’ registration plate quickly disappears from view as he speeds off to where – only he knows – to a place to bury his potential love where no one will find her.