A relationship is a strong bond between two hearts, between two souls. A third soul is a destroyer, a selfish bastard who interrupts a good thing from flowing. Ladies, there’s a very enormous difference between love and lust, learn to differentiate between the two. Study your boyfriend’s heart and earn a degree to a happy lifestyle.

Some of the things that you do are unbearable. Your actions are unforgettable and they leave our lives miserable. I am obfuscated. Why do you have to cheat on your boyfriend when he gives you everything that you need? Why do you have to infect his heart with immortal pain? Why don’t you bounce when you are unhappy, when you are unsatisfied?

I am persuaded that even the water of the sea cannot explain your erratic behaviour, it changes without notice. Let me share something with you, never in your entire life attempt to hurt a loyal soul. Betrayal to your boyfriend is a game, thus two can play the game. I am certain that loyalty is a major key, a key to happiness and a fruitful relationship. Be loyal and attempt to sustain your boyfriend in every possible way.

Elude mischievous moves and talk to him about everything and avoid unnecessary arguments and conflicts. Repent when you’ve wronged him, don’t be reluctant and bogus to do your part. Be genuine and sincere about your words, devote your heart to him and live a happy eternal lifestyle. My words are derived from my best friend’s situation, Katlego Bodibe.


Tell us: What do you think of the writer’s decision to only paint females as the wrongdoers in relationships?