On 16th July 1983, Anna Adams was born. Her father, Daniel Adams passed on one week before her birth and her mother Teresa Adams lived alone in their cottage. When Teresa gave birth to Anna, she did not have anything to give baby Anna.

She was sad and had no other option but to give baby Anna away. When her mother left her at an orphanage, Nicola Simons, the owner found Anna and took her as part of Greenwoods Orphanage.

After 12 years passed, Anna was 12 years old and wasn’t attending school due to the expensive prices. Anna did not know that her mother, Teresa was living right next to them and Nicola was her aunt! When Anna found out, she was devastated. She wondered how her own family could do that to her.

The day to meet her mom finally arrived and she was very nervous. Her mother owned a bakery called Greenwoods Bakery. Anna asked Teresa and Nicola questions that they couldn’t answer.

They asked Anna for forgiveness and because Anna was kind, she forgave them. When she was 18, her mother passed on. After the funeral, she found a will meant for her. When she opened it, she found out that the cottage and the bakery were left for her! She cried because even though her mom was not in her life, she still left properties for her.


Tell us: If you were Anna would you have forgiven your mother? Motivate your answer.