Xenophobic attacks ruined my mind because I now see foreigners as something that doesn’t belong to this Earth. I have a hatred for them, which was caused by a human being that only God knows why they did that.

Rumor has it that drugs have been introduced into Mzansi so I hate drugs. I hate drugs for putting people’s lives in danger. Our minds can be stupid and whatever you tell yourself can have an affect on your life. This is why you should always be positive and careful about what you tell your mind.

I am from a very disadvantaged family and that’s why I am doing a business with my body. It is my first day in this cold weather on 15 June. They just gave me some tips on how to get customers even if you are not in a competitive outfit. I got to the fields and cars passed by but none of them seemed interested in my product, even though I was new there. It became late and I still hadn’t had any customers but I didn’t give up. I believed that I would be able to make some money that night.

Some time after midnight a black Mercedes Benz parked right next to me. I went up to the window and heard a foreign accent coming from inside. My mood changed immediately. I was rude to him because I have a hatred for people like him, but he never gave up. He insisted that I get in the car because it was cold outside.

I got in the car and he changed the subject from asking about my prices. He wanted to know why I was doing this work even though I was so pretty. He started giving me advice on ways that I could get a better job.

I soon realized that this stranger was a foreigner who had come to my rescue. He gave me some cash and told me to make a CV and start doing marketing. This God sent man took me home and didn’t demand anything from me, he just begged me to never think of doing this again.

Foreigners are human beings like us and I regret the feelings that I had towards them before I knew better. He showed me that I can be a better person and I regret the way that I used to treat foreigners. I never believed that they were good people and I always undermined them. I am a better person now because of that one person. We are African siblings and that will never change. I’ve learned from experience that people are not all the same. It showed me that 6 and 9 can be confusing when written as numerical values but they are not the same.