The clouds were black, the sun was just setting, the street vendors were packing their goods to go home, stray dogs and cats chased each other. There I was, with my two friends heading home.

“Girls I told you it was going to rain,” I said.

Bupe, my friend, said, “Please stop it!”

“If you two don’t stop we’ll go home soaking, let’s hurry before it rains,” Vanessa said.

“Is it just me? Or!?”

“Nicani? (what now?)” asked Vanessa.

Bupe said trembling, “Guys I think those dogs and boys are following us.”

Vanessa and I laughed.

“Are you serious? At your age?” I asked smiling.

“If you think I’m making this up, nizanu (that’s your choice),” Bupe said with a serious expression.

Vanessa in a voice of dramatic panic said, “Yes! Oh my God! Adam why did you have to eat that orange! Why!”

“Quit it Vanessa,” I said laughing.

Suddenly we heard sounds from somewhere behind us.

Vanessa yelled, “Run for your lives!”

“I’m trying,” Bupe said out of breath.

“It’s now or never,” I said.

Vanessa asked panting, “Are you crazy?”

Bupe exclaimed, “This is not a Movie!”

I said, “At least we should find out the reason they’re chasing us.”

“Girl do you hate yourself that much?” Vanessa asked in shock.

“Look at them. They look like junkies with those dogs, not any other fluffy dog but a German shepherd,” Bupe responded.

“Whatever. I’m sure asking them won’t hurt,” I said.

Vanessa and Bupe looked at me and said good luck then left running, leaving me alone.

I waited for the so called junkies and their dogs to approach me.

“Hello,” one of the guys said.

He looked so familiar. “Hey,” I responded.

“Why were you running?” asked another guy.

“Weren’t you chasing my friends and me?” I asked.

“No,” the one said. “Don’t you remember us?”

“You sure look familiar! Wait? Ryan and Bryan my twin cousins?”

“Yes!” they said laughing.

“What happened to you?”

“Long story and sorry for scaring you,” said Ryan.

“Never mind! Let’s catch up?”

“Sure why not,” said Bryan.

I heard the sound of knocking and couldn’t figure why.

“Wake up! Sleeping beauty,” my mom said.

“It was just a dream, seriously?”

That dream helped me discover my good character and my AHA moment.


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