Most of us live as if our lives will never end. The truth is, no one lives forever. It took me Sandile’s death and burial to realise that. Unlike me, Sandile had achieved a lot in the short period of time that God had lent him.

The difference between me and him was that he had more guts than me, which was something I admired and needed in my life. He had a determination that we all needed in our lives to make it and survive. He went by the motto, “go big or go home”.

The fact that I realised my time on earth was borrowed, opened my eyes and made me aware that I had no time to waste. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I might be too old to start living my dreams now, but it’s better now than never, right?

From now on, I am going to start living my life to the fullest and do whatever it takes to change my negative attitude. I believe that, where there’s a way, there is a will.

The reason behind my change of heart was brought up by the sad passing of Sandile, at a tender age. It’s my wish that, all the young people who knew him, could use this unfortunate event to transform their own lives. It won’t be impossible if they truly knew him, and are as passionate and motivated as he was. I believe that, it takes the greatest to know the greatest.

His memory will live on through them and will keep on shining in their success. His death won’t be for nothing. They can take his positive spirit and passion for life as a driving force.
As of now, I will live my dream and make sure that not even failure can stop me. I will keep on rising from greatness to greatness . I will never give up but prevail.

Even though we never spoke, he left a special mark in my heart. He inspired me to strive to be the greatest and from the bottom of my heart, I thank him for that. He was taken too soon from us but he will never be forgotten. Lala Ngoxolo!


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