Walking through the busy streets can be so dangerous if you have any valuable things with you. They rob you whether you like it or not, and you may or may not get help. I am always on the look out when I go through this street from my popular night-club. ‘What you look for is what you will get’ is a true proverb in my case. That is my punishment, that and the all-night hangover which is on the verge of becoming my custom.

That is my street at night, where you are safe like a banana left in a monkey’s cage. I walk like a security agent on a covert operation whilst trying to get rid of my drunken state. I know it’s not gonna work until I get some sleep. Only a few yards to my apartment (do have to ridicule myself by calling it an apartment). Let me just call it ‘My Space’

At last, I’m at home now, I think. In my tiny room lies a single person bed which always serves as my resting place from between 9 or 10 pm till 5 am everyday. Alas! I notice that I forgot to lock the window, and I know consequentially that I am in for the worst.

I do nothing other than just jump into bed to take my punishment from the ever-ready army of mosquitoes. Based on my experience with them I know a rehearsal, a concluding live performance and the final invasion will take place tonight.

The Rehearsal

They start by testing their tunes, and the craziests of all are the soprano takers who can even wake an elephant up with their high tempo soprano, which, to a large extent, can be longer than normal. These of the Anophelese family can make you curse the day you were born in the Ghetto, but you do not have any choice, as more is yet to come.

The Live Performance

This army, with their unending practice, will subsequently lead to the live performance, which in itself alone can serve as a death sentence for an alien in this part, as they give a show that you do not need a ticket to be a part of. Every mosquito soldier will try to show its instrument and also show how skillful it is with its use.


In some cases, a villain in the story will tell you that the worst is yet to come. Not in my case because the worst has come already, and I am choiceless here. This army is just my karma; they take what I should give freely and which would be beneficial to some people in the form of a blood donation. Oh God! What a loss!

“This is how I live in ‘My Space’, and i will wake up in the morning to the harsh day ahead, and you expect me to have a cool head. God Forbid!”