At the church we can’t worship God in vain. Humans are bound to sin, sin occurs in our mind overriding our mind-set to the point where we find ourselves lost. We deal with conflict in our daily life (dating, hypocrisy, jealous, theft, bad mouthing).

Entertaining sin can lead to a negative impact, changing who we are which leads to poor decision-making. It depends on how we deal with it or reflect on the occurrence of these sins, as they can form a bubble over our mind-set (not thinking about what will happen if we keep on doing something wrong). Forcing our Holy body to take steps into the ditch and turning our backs on God.

Knowing it’s not God doing it, but rather due to lack of prayer our patience and faith, knowing God can and will act, the mind might show us short cuts.

When you start noticing the riches are in control of our minds, if you can’t get what you want, you find a way of getting it, doesn’t matter even if it means destroying someone’s life.
When things get hot, we claim life sucks, why us? When things go the opposite way to what we had in mind about buying our way to heaven, while having a broad knowledge about every wrongs we do, then we start to pray to God for help. When the problem is solved (when God helps) we go back to our old ways to satisfy our needs.


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