My something special is my grandmother’s house in Pretoria, Hammanskraal. This is not just a home for me, but also for everyone who needs a home. It is a five-room house with two bedrooms, a dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

My grandmother bought this house in 1978 when my mother’s first born was two years old, so basically all her grandchildren grew up in this house. Even though my grandmother was always at work (she was a domestic worker) many people lived here and took care of the house for her. She only came during month ends.

I lived with her from a very young age and when she retired from work she took me to live with her in Rustenburg until I was 13 years old. We then moved into this house. From the stories told about this house I know that my father’s sisters lived here. All my brother’s grew up here and sometimes accommodated people who went to Pretoria, because of work and were not family at all.

It is a corner house and there is a very big rock on the corner. People would just come and sit there, resting or even made it their usual place for fun. Most people would tell my grandmother to chase them away, but she never did and even up to this time we never chase anyone away.

When my mother passed away her memorial service and burial service were held here. When my grandmother also passed away her final resting farewell was also held here. I take this house as a home of many and a shelter for all her grandchildren to come to when they have nowhere else to go.

Family reunions are also held here. My sister is raising her children in the same house she grew up in. It is always taken care of by us (the grandchildren) so that it continues to help many of us like it always has.

#A Home For Us.