When I look back on 2021, my heart aches for the ones we left behind…brothers and sisters who had dreams as bright as the galaxies. Those dreams have now perished, gone with the wind. I look back and feel sincere sympathy for our leader. A leader who had weary eyes and dropped shoulders. A tired leader. A trying leader.
My heart still aches.

I look back and realize that 2021 also brought smiles to our faces. We got to see our siblings try out new dances to cater for their boredom. I got to know my mom’s favourite colour. I got to know the importance of unity.

When I look forward, I’m jubilant to have a story to tell. Some hopefully distant day, when I’m all wrinkled and grey, I’ll be under a tree telling my grandchildren the tales of the “Rona”. I look forward and see brightly coloured smiles, showing intense felicity. I look forward and see a better version of me saying “see? I told you Younger Me, I knew everything would work out”