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Hi... I finished my course on august, you said your Certificate will be available first week of September..i keep on checking my email.. I did not receive it
Makhubedu · a month ago
Hope I will sleep on that
KK.EJ.SL · 2 months ago
I finished my course on July and you said.. I will have my certificate on the first week of August.. I keep on checking my email.. no certificate received.
Makhubedu · 2 months ago
I completed a course and you said they’ll start to be handed out first of May.I would like to know if I’ll receive from the post man or if I’ll receive through email I’m lost. I never gave contacts on where I live.when can I expect to receive my certificate
black power · 4 months ago
What if my email is not working are there any means for me to get my certificate
Doreendore · 6 months ago