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if I may ask does this have a age group?
unknown · 3 months ago
Ohk as you have said : every month you send Certificate to those who completed the Course . You can include this on your CV . I want to know what we supposed to write on our CV ? e.g If I have matric Certificate I will write Highest passed Grade is Grade 12 , so what I want to know is that what are we going to write ?
Mzalphios · 4 months ago
Hello, please email info@fundza.co.za if you're waiting for a certificate and it hasn't been delivered yet.
Mignon · 5 months ago
Hello is the certificate going to be delivered to me
Trustdoreen · 5 months ago
The certificates are sent via email. so if we have your email address we can send them.
Intern Four · 5 months ago