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I can't access the course
Mil wadi · 2 months ago
Hi Mrs T.M.A Apologies for the delay of your certificate. Today is the start of National Book Week (NBW) which means our team is out and about, travelling to different parts of the country to spread the love of reading and writing. So when they return, all work will resume as usual and certificates will then be sent out. We ask that you be a bit patient as September, being literacy month, is a crazy month for us. Thank you for your understanding. FunDza Team :)
FunDza Team · 3 months ago
I haven't gotten anything yet I've just finished a course last month and the certificate where to be given out first week of this month
Mrs T.M.A · 3 months ago
When you have passed the course you will receive an email with an attachment of your certificate. FunDza will use the email you have captured when you responded to the email.
Intern Four · 4 months ago
How will I know if I passed a course and where will I get my certificate?
Mrs T.M.A · 4 months ago