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I have lost my Course Code , so I need it . What must I do guys ??
Mzalphios · 10 months ago
As a member of Fundza I will like to know when we are going to given Funza's T - Shirt , I mean it's been a long time being a member of Fundza but I don't have T -Shirt or something that shows me as a member . I think Mr Chairperson would respond to that issue .
Mzalphios · 10 months ago
Am having a problem on my Cellphone and the worst part Am using Cell C . I mean according to your statement I must access Fundza for free.
Mzalphios · 10 months ago
Hi Kokiiie. You can send your work to writing@fundza.co.za. Here's a page that gives you all the details: https://live.fundza.mobi/help/how-do-i-get-published-on-fundza/
Mignon · a year ago
what do i have to do to publish my short story here?
kokiiie_p · a year ago