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Hi I would like to get Course ,what can I do now,?
sim…@gmai... · a month ago
Hi I type comments yet they don't appear on the comment section why is that?
Hazel Laufeyson · 10 months ago
Hi I type comments yet they don't appear on the comment section as well why is that?
Elena Laufeyson · 10 months ago
Hi I type comments yet they don't appear on the comment section why is that?
Enhlembali Mondi · a year ago
Hey. Spies On A Mission season 1 episode 3 is out now. Read like and comment 😘
Jade Machekanyanga · a year ago
I would like to know more about the Fundza program and would like to be apart of the team
Nomzamo Zitha · 2 years ago
Sello Moremi · 2 years ago
I'm happy about it
Sello Moremi · 2 years ago
Hi Yolanda. When you can comment on our content it means you are registered and have a fundza.mobi profile. What are you trying to register for?
Fundza Team · 2 years ago
I tried to register but I've failed I neef help
Yolanda Tshongweni · 2 years ago
Thanks 🥺🔥🙏🏼
Ongeziwe Ndwembilé · 2 years ago
Thanks you❤️.
Lonwabo Nyabaza ❤️ · 2 years ago
Hi there. I would like to get courses
Niyonkuru Niyonkuru · 2 years ago
I want to be an oral and maxilofacial surgeon how can fundza offer me
Sethu0710 · 3 years ago
Hi Matlako, you have the wrong organisation. We are the FunDza Literacy Trust, not the Funza Lushaka Bursary. You can reach them here: http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/ Please note, we are an entirely different organisation, so all we can do is point you in the right direction.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
I want to be a teacher.....how can fundza offer me
Matlako · 3 years ago
Greeneyez · 3 years ago
Hi Buhle, its 0600548676
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
Hi fundza team is your WhatsApp number 060 054 8679 or 076 054 8676
Buhle · 3 years ago
This is South Africa - country code +27. (And if you're in SA - 060 054 8676)
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
If I want to find you on WhatsApp So is this phone number from which country code?
Kwana · 3 years ago
Hi there, send your poem to writing@fundza.mobi.
Team FunDza · 5 years ago
I want to send a poem but I don't know how can I do it,so please help!
Memory Cynthia Mtago · 5 years ago
I have lost my Course Code , so I need it . What must I do guys ??
Mzalphios · 6 years ago
As a member of Fundza I will like to know when we are going to given Funza's T - Shirt , I mean it's been a long time being a member of Fundza but I don't have T -Shirt or something that shows me as a member . I think Mr Chairperson would respond to that issue .
Mzalphios · 6 years ago
Am having a problem on my Cellphone and the worst part Am using Cell C . I mean according to your statement I must access Fundza for free.
Mzalphios · 6 years ago
Hi Kokiiie. You can send your work to writing@fundza.co.za. Here's a page that gives you all the details: https://live.fundza.mobi/help/how-do-i-get-published-on-fundza/
Mignon · 6 years ago
what do i have to do to publish my short story here?
kokiiie_p · 6 years ago
am having problems getting connect on my phone and i do not know where to start sending for more information about writting path
ntha33 · 6 years ago
Wat do u do to publish a book ?
Sihle nkau · 6 years ago
GIZ PETER · 7 years ago
OK.can you publish...tracks
zohh khuzwayo · 7 years ago
Very inspiring
Richard Mnyayi · 7 years ago
Hi Lebo, no we don't.
Shelley Bolles · 7 years ago
Does fundza offer bursaries?
lebo nxumalo · 7 years ago
I won't to know if I can meet a girl through this funDza
innocent · 7 years ago
can i meet a girl through fundza
reymonds rashed · 8 years ago
Why doesn't dundza give their stories to other people to develop in documentaries and stories so they can be more vissible?
Star · 8 years ago
Hi there, no FunDza doesn't do maths and science. Search for Olico, or Siyavula.
Dorothy · 8 years ago
Does funza give online lesson of maths and science
Tshego · 8 years ago
I enjoy to read
Ishmael · 8 years ago