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Beyond 2022- where to from here?
a week ago
Matric/grad 2022. What.a.year.  From career fairs to matric balls, from valedictories to the endless stress of studying, it all finally culminated into the biggest academic test of your life (thus far)… the Matric Finals - or your final college exams. You studied hard, you gave it your best shot, and you came out the other…
Life Advice
Practical tips for dealing with depression
a month ago
When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and cope with life and all the demands of daily living. When the things that cause us to feel down occur too frequently, and stress us so that we don’t feel in control of our lives anymore, this can lead…
Life Advice
Dark skin: myths & truths
5 months ago
In a world where most people are striving for a light skin tone and turning to skin bleaching as a solution, I feel as though I need to stand up for my dark skin tone. I love my skin colour and it does so many things for me that I would not trade for anything.…