Life Advice
Are you self rejecting?
2 weeks ago
Rejection hurts like hell, whether it’s big or small. You’re just never prepared for it, no matter how many times you go through it. Each time feels like the first time you’re experiencing it. Even when I am merely recalling some of the rejections I’ve experienced, the feeling almost feels tangible still. This is apparently…
Life Advice
The scariness of new beginnings
a month ago
You landed your dream job, a well-paying internship that will allow you to support yourself and your loved ones. It’s an exciting new venture and you’re extremely grateful, yet you can’t shake the angst-ridden feeling in the pit of your stomach. You finally got accepted into university for the course you’re passionate about, after years…
Life Advice
What good health means to me
2 months ago
I have always thought of myself as a healthy person. I do get hay fever from time to time, but seldom get really ill – overall I consider myself as healthy as a horse! So I have never looked at my health holistically and considered my overall well-being. This wasn’t until lockdown came and I…