Trade realities: Baking
a week ago
Do you know that one of the Mail and Guardian’s top 200 2019 Young South Africans is a baker? Rifiloe Rantekoa is the founder of Borotho Bakery in Soweto. His bakery is known for selling bread at affordable prices to people in the community. It started in the backroom of his grandfather’s house and he…
Can you become a commercial model?
3 weeks ago
The answer is yes. Yes, you can. But it won’t be as simple as that yes sounds so it’s advisable to keep your expectations in check. When you look at the modelling industry in the past from a global view, it seems elitist and exclusionary. The people in the pages of glossy magazines, large billboards,…
Trade realities: Agricultural practitioner
a month ago
Have you thought about getting involved in the agricultural sector? This sector is growing and changing and there is a great need for qualified young people in this field. If you gain a qualification in agriculture you will be involved in the scientific production of plants and animals. South Africa has a growing population and,…