Critical Skills: Our Nursing Heroes
4 days ago
Have you ever been worried about your health or the health of someone close to you? Or, are you someone who wants to help others when they are struggling? Nurses have always played a critical role in our society. Without them our hospitals and clinics would cease to function as they are our primary health-care…
Critical Skills: Becoming an Agriculturalist
2 weeks ago
Do you like the rural life? Are you interested in farming? The agricultural sector is growing and changing in South Africa and there is a great need for qualified young people in this field. In fact becoming a farm manager is listed as one of South Africa‚Äôs critical skills. What is agriculture? If you gain…
Critical Skills: Going Green as a Geo-hydrologist
3 weeks ago
Are you interested in the environment? Do you care about our water supply; is there enough for everyone, how clean is it etc.? Would you like to be working outside for some of your working day? Have you thought about becoming a geo-hydrologist? This is another job that is critically needed in South Africa and,…