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4 weeks ago
The covid19 pandemic has not only deprived many people of their loved ones, but it has also deprived many people of a stable income. The economy has taken a huge knock off and it will most likely take a while before everything is restored to its original state. In the meantime, what happens to those…
Popular Professions: Emergency services
3 months ago
Times are really tough, right now, aren’t they? So many people have had to stop going to work because of the coronavirus. Do you know someone who is still going to work? Why are some people working and others not? Most of the people who are going to work at the moment are people whose…
Popular Professions: Caring
4 months ago
Do you love helping people? Are you a kind, patient person with a big heart? Have you thought about becoming a carer? A carer is someone who usually works in a person’s house (although you might work in a bigger institution such as a retirement village). You help your patient, often an elderly or disabled…