Workwise: Building Employability
2 weeks ago
Have you thought about the factors that affect your ability to get a job? Is the reason you can’t find work just because you have too little experience or is it all based on qualifications? Let’s have a look at what affects your ability to find employment. Numerous factors can affect work-seekers' chances of getting…
Workwise: How to identify scams online
4 weeks ago
Before Covid-19, work-seekers would spend money on transport and printing to drop off CVs in person. In the new world of work, looking for jobs online is safer, cheaper and easier. However, searching for jobs online can have its pitfalls. As a jobseeker you should be aware of the dangers and keep safe to avoid…
Workwise: Online Work-Seeking Tips
a month ago
How much have you adapted your approach to finding work? The Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted alternative ways for jobseekers to access opportunities and increase their chances of employment. Traditionally, most of us have relied on job ads from multiple media channels, or physically dropping off CVs. But now, the internet has become a hub for…