Popular Professions: Caring
2 weeks ago
Do you love helping people? Are you a kind, patient person with a big heart? Have you thought about becoming a carer? A carer is someone who usually works in a person’s house (although you might work in a bigger institution such as a retirement village). You help your patient, often an elderly or disabled…
Trade realities: Electrician
4 weeks ago
Do you enjoy fixing things and working with your hands? Are you observant, responsible, safety conscious and with an eye for detail? Have you thought about becoming an electrician? There are many different types of electricians such as: • Regular Electrician • Engineering Electrician • Construction Electrician • Mining Electrician • Auto Electrician • Aircraft…
Internships and volunteering - a path to employment
a month ago
Have you had your hopes of getting a job straight away dashed? Have you applied to study or sent in numerous job applications and nothing has worked out? What is the alternative to sitting at home doing nothing all year? What about looking for an internship or volunteering for an organisation? Volunteering can often be…