Workwise: WeThinkCode Interview
4 days ago
Coding: A way into the digital world Have you thought about getting involved in coding? Perhaps it’s not something that came up at school so you don’t know much about it? How do you prepare yourself for the type of jobs that are now available? Things have changed dramatically in the last couple of decades.…
Harambee's help for jobseekers
3 weeks ago
Are you feeling stuck about how to go about looking for work? There are so few jobs out there and you just don’t know where to start? What action can you take to help yourself during this difficult time when face-to face communication is so limited? I had the opportunity to chat to Nokubonga who…
Workwise: Working from home
a month ago
Are you working from home? Is it the best thing ever or do you find it really challenging? In these strange times, as we battle to deal with the spread of coronavirus, many people around the world have had to work from home. It’s a blessing to be employed when so many others have lost…