Entering the World of Work
2 weeks ago
Where do you start? Is this the first time that you’re looking for a job? Perhaps you’ve just finished school or tertiary education? Or did you finish an internship or resign from a job at the end of last year? It can be a real challenge to get a job so let’s look at where…
Trade realities: Fitter and Turner
4 weeks ago
Are you interested in machines and the way they are put together? Are you practical and do you like to work with your hands? Perhaps you’ve thought of doing a type of engineering course but don’t really know what variety of trades is out there. Perhaps you should consider becoming a fitter and turner. It…
Inside information - an interviewer at a logistics company shares his tips
a month ago
As you know, it’s tough out there. South Africa’s economy is not doing well and jobs are scarce. We interviewed a manager, John, to find out how young people can stand out when they apply for a job. John is an industrial engineer and team leader at a large logistics company which stores goods in…