Raising voices, dropping sticks
2 weeks ago
“My teacher hit me with the wooden part of a blackboard duster behind my ear. I started bleeding and blood got onto my white shirt. Teachers hit all the time in my school. We are hit for being late for school, late for class. We are hit for making noise and being quiet when asked…
Are young people ditching the altar for good?
4 weeks ago
Marriage is not something that I witnessed happening a lot in my family. Most of our family households are led by unmarried women. And seeing women lead so powerfully and make it look effortless influenced my view on marriage and whether I need it for myself. These women know how to fix appliances when they…
Tyla to the world
a month ago
“Make me sweat, make me hotter, make me lose my breath, make me water"-this catchy line from Tyla’s “Water” is a hit everywhere, and young people can’t help but sing and dance along. It’s not often a song comes around that gets everyone feeling happy and united, just like “Jerusalema” did a while back. Now,…