Rhythms of Unity
in an hour
While travelling to school on the busy roads of Cape Town, navigating the sea of taxis, buses and the occasional cyclist riding the wave of early morning traffic, you may see the countless posters hung up. Registreer en Stem! Bhalisa, away vote! Register and Vote! As we near thirty years of democracy, one cannot help…
Echoes of Identity: Embracing Our Mother Tongues
International Mother Language Day always strikes a deep chord with me. It's a day that celebrates the rich tapestry of languages that form the very backbone of our diverse cultures and identities. Let me share a bit about how this day came into being and why it resonates so profoundly with me as a Black…
Love in the Digital Age: Unpacking Valentine's Day 2024
a week ago
It's that time of the year again when love seems to be in the air, and every storefront is decked out in red and pink. But as we dive into the heart of February, let's hit pause and ask ourselves: is Valentine's Day still relevant for us, the young and restless? Should we even contemplate…