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Interview with SA Fashion Blogger Robyn Williams
4 days ago
Robyn Williams is a sassy, creative and vibrant young fashion blogger. She is also an aspiring business woman. Her blog, ‘I am Gemini’ has reached 2k followers in just one year. Her blog shows that you don’t need to have tons of money to be stylish. It all depends on how you style yourself. JT:…
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Quick Take: The Shack
2 weeks ago
A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the movie The Shack to go along with the book of the same title by William P. Young. I usually don’t read books once I’ve seen the trailer for its movie, but for this one I made an exception. I figured it had to be good since…
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Hope for South Africa
3 weeks ago
“With kindness, we will shift our future” -Sakyong Mipham On Sunday, I took the metrorail to Simon’s Town. I’m a Gautenger, but I’m staying in the Western Cape for a few months, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the penguins at Boulders Beach. As the beach is an hour’s walk from Simons Town…
Metrorail Mondays
Each Other’s Language
7 days ago
“Did you know that in Japan if the trains are running late, which is very seldom, the warders come around and apologise to every commuter for the inconvenience. On top of that, every commuter is issued with a letter confirming that the trains were delayed saving the employee the embarrassment of explaining and apologizing to…
Metrorail Mondays
Hidden History
4 weeks ago
“The trains are messed up again today,” a guy, not looking a day older than twenty five, says to his friend standing next to him. The train maintains a constant speed paying no attention to his remark. “I take it as it comes; no stress,” the friend replies nonchalantly. The guy scratches in a bag…
Metrorail Mondays
A United Front
a month ago
The early morning breeze greets us with a cold hand as it rushes down the platform. A few commuters try to hide, others bravely stand their ground ignoring its attempt to cause discomfort. A newspaper vendor walks past encouraging potential customers to purchase the daily paper by saying: “Fresh from the press eksê. Good cop…