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Very inspiring word's author.
Evah Ngobeni · 8 months ago
Hi Wame Molefhe,I read all your awesome books 👌and I loved them all.keep on writing more🥰🥰🥰💯💯💯
Angelina · 3 years ago
Greetings ms Molefe. I am a great fan of your work.I sinvcerely enjoy the books you write .Just Once is my favorite since its the first one I read. I really pray one day you would be as big as Danieele Steel ,your work deserves to be known worldwide since its one of the best. I am an aspiring writer myself and really wish one dau I would be granted the opportunity to work with someone as great as you. Blessings to you Ms Molefe
Thokgamo Janet Sebapalo · 7 years ago
Greetings to you Ms Molefe.You are my role model, I read your books and love them alll.I love how you organize the events in your stories. Your stories are the best.I am an aspiring writer too.I really hope one day I will be able to work with you.
Thokgamo Janet Sebapalo · 7 years ago
Its my first of reading this book its so intresting and meaningful. Nice one keep up the good work.
Lihle Khumalo · 8 years ago
Ur born 4 this mam pls dnt quiet u are doing a nice job u are encouraging our youth to take their school work seriously cause our youth of today their life's are lost becoz of negative things lyk Gangs.Alchol nd rapes
Luckyboy · 9 years ago
U ar great(H)
melus · 10 years ago
How old is she
ff1956(c)B-)truckfit+poiB-)(*)(*)(c) · 10 years ago
Swry u wil be ok
Lady+gal · 10 years ago
Mpho may make the rights thng and if u are a persn u may leave the past coz if u dnt leave the past u may sick and u are nt going any where
Lady+gal · 10 years ago
If u are a woman u may make your own decision
Lady+gal · 10 years ago
I would like to advice mpho to put the past on the castcate just because future just born and she might be fortunate that its is time to roll is good words says every unsuceful person has someone to blaim and every suceful person has a bad story to tell.thats great words to devor
nhlanhla · 10 years ago
Dear Adrienne So wonderful to hear from you! I've emailed. Best Wame
Wame · 10 years ago
I am an old friend of Wame's family. I knew her only as a child. Her mother passed about the same time as my husband. Her father, James, and my husband, Gordon were dear friends sharing the hobby of making and collecting model trains. I have moved out of New York and having lost the phone number for James, am most anxious to reconnect with him. Can you please assist with this by having Wame contact me. With much gratitude for your efforts on my (and the Molefhe family's) behalf, sincerely, Adrienne Garnett.
Adrienne Garnett · 10 years ago