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Very inspiring ❤❤✍️you're my role model
Evah Ngobeni · 9 months ago
U are talented xem💖💖💞
ursoull · 3 years ago
I am inspired bhuti , I am currently in grade 11 but you just gave me purpose , Ntinga Ntakandini , Nangamso bhuti keep on being an inspiration !
Hleeza · 4 years ago
ok that's great
trooper · 4 years ago
All i can say is that sonwabe my brother you are a brave man keep on doing your you are inspiring a lot of peaple out there big up brother
ff0077(x)(H)akonatorzlovebeing+(x) · 10 years ago
Big ups to you too my mentor... I pass my deepest appreciation for the mentorship and the opportunity given by yourself and fundza... I salute you Big Up's
Asavela Peko · 10 years ago
I really admire you bra for everything you are trying to do on life you change lot of lives out there keep it up
nehemiah · 11 years ago
you so brave bhuti, keep doing good job for young people of SOUTH AFRICA we acknowledge your work, you have passion, im the witness..im one of the people who saw your good work...Ntinga ntaka ndini..translation(The sky is the limit.....)
nomzamo mtise · 11 years ago