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Hey kopano
Lindani · 8 years ago
Aaaa so dissapointed.......where cn i get COCONUT cz i want to read it
Fc80C5.(*)MC+MBNG(*) · 10 years ago
I don't read coconut
ff1906*S.I.D+YOUNG+SHADY........* · 10 years ago
Kopano is an inspiring person for myself and many other young people and old! The book coconut is funny as well as educational,making it an interesting read
lulu · 10 years ago
Hy my name's also kopano u inspire me bitso
Sugar(x)licious · 11 years ago
I read "Coconut" and it's good.
ffccffCommissar+Sir+Lindokuhle+Austin+Zondi+MBE · 11 years ago
. . .
geargeclalm · 11 years ago