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I would really like to get your contact, if that is not a problem with you.❤️
Nolonwabo Boya · 2 years ago
I really like your story"Only English?". Good work. I would really appreciate your help, I am a new fanz writer and I've just discovered my passion in writing. My first book "Love distracted" has been published by Fundza but I am working on more. Help me please. I want to be an independent writer one day.
Nolonwabo Boya · 2 years ago
Me too @Angel
BonaLM Mayiyana · 2 years ago
Can I have her number
Angel Oyama Dunusela · 2 years ago
♥️ thanks for the lovely work you do on Fundza
Mandlenkosi · 3 years ago
Where was she born? Please help with information about her it is my child ' s assignment please
Lethule · 3 years ago
"My books " is a very powerful poem ❤
LeratoPhk.Rua.11. · 4 years ago
Dear Dorothy thanks for the lovely book 😘❣️
Lady girl · 4 years ago
Two faced friends is such a nice story
Ogiiey · 5 years ago
Hello dear Anele! Yes, didn't Kona show you? I will email!
Dorothy · 5 years ago
Good Day Dorothy I am Anele from Khwezi Lomso Comprehensive School.Have the story been published
Anele Inspire Desi · 5 years ago
Am Glad To Hear That U R The Auther Of Two Faced Friend Nice Woman.Keep On Sendng Us Stories I Wish To Reach Ur Lever Best Have A Long Live Bye
Jaman Mugala · 7 years ago
A lot of your stories are more interesting.
Sanue Misomali · 8 years ago
I've been reading most of your books and it has changed my life.
Benedict Ameyaw · 8 years ago
I just adore war stories
napoleon · 10 years ago
Lady D, my mentor! I've never been prouder than I am now, to have a mentor. You're the greatest!
sicelo k · 10 years ago