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It has been removed.
FunDza Team · 5 years ago
Please would you remove my bio?
Nkosithandile Peme · 5 years ago
Hi Nkosithandile I will check if it's technical and fix it. If it isn't yet up then wait for the link and I will send it to you when we publish it. We have a lot of submissions at the moment so editing both stories and poetry has become a bit slower. Please be patient, it shouldn't take longer than a week or two more. Thanks Zimkhitha
Zimkhitha · 6 years ago
Hi there I see my name and bio on the Fundza website but don't see the poem I've submitted about a month ago. I don't know whether its a technical problem or a mistake. Or should I wait for a link that will inform me that my poem has been published on your site. Thank you.
Nkosithandile Peme · 6 years ago