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Thank you for the reviews fam. Much appreciated. Book two of The Condemned Mansion is two days away from completion. In the meantime, please check out The Ghost of Aquamarine and Route 62. Recently published!
Dumisani · a week ago
Thank you Relap. ;)
dumisanibuyana@gmail.com · a week ago
Thank you for reading Bee.Sorry I couldn't respond quicker. I'd forgotten my login details.Really, thanks for the reviews, fan. Much appreciated.
dumisanibuyana@gmail.com · a week ago
yoh wow Dumisani Buyana you are an amazing writer...WOW!! I was left of no words when I read a book of yours and I must say, I enjoyed it and therefore came to check out more of the D.B(Dumisani Buyana) books♥♥♥ I love you so much!!! I STAN YOUR MAGNIFICENT WORK!!! ahhh..its amazing♥
BeeÅBlur · 2 weeks ago
I love not like your stories. I even adore them you are a great writer
Relap · 2 weeks ago