FunDza is working with the University of Cape Town to find out more about why people enjoy reading FunDza stories and what makes readers come back for more. Help us out by adding your voice to the discussion and helping us understand how we can motivate more people to read. We’d love to know, for instance…

Have you always loved reading?
What do you love about reading?
What kind of books or stories do you enjoy reading?
Did your parents read to you when you were little?
Do you like reading because it helps you with your school work?
Do reading competitions encourage you to read more?
Do you feel like you are good at reading?
Do you enjoy discussing books and stories with friends?

Let us know why you love reading and what would make you read even more! To participate, just answer some of these questions in the comment field and let us know how old you are.

Please note that your participation is completely voluntary, your identity will be kept secret, and your answers will be kept anonymous.