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Communication Respect Loyalty Listening to each other Trust Honesty And always choosing each other And loving each other
Boitumelo Tshabalala · a year ago
Discussions, communication, trust, loyalty, taking responsibilities of action, respect
Shakira · 3 years ago
Communication , trust, honest,and respect each other
Maketang · 3 years ago
Communication,honesty, trust and respect each other
Maketang · 3 years ago
Not saying mean things to each other loving each other and willing to let go of things fr eg if they fight they shuld forget it
Emihle luvs u · 3 years ago
Care self control of their selves
Emihle luvs u · 3 years ago
Respect,loyalty,Trust,communication and most important one is love..
Mellow · 4 years ago
Honesty , friendship ,trust and love
Mandlenkosi · 4 years ago
Respect each other and solve problem together .if you want to plan something plan together .
Cpherh · 4 years ago
love and respect each other....build future ,when you fight solve the problem with sitting and talk adulty...support each other tru thick and thin moments
khololuhle · 4 years ago
What is a relationship with out love but the answer is what is love ? When you falls in love with someone who you think that you will be for ever and then that other half of you start to acting strange and what make it more harder to understand that he don't talk to you as it was before. That why I am asking you what is relationship with out love
Superhot · 5 years ago
Lov ur mate wth evry mistk h my make build ur love wth all th things u go throgh ad trust romans ad jokes ,mostly sex th mr styles u try th close u becm explore ur sex life daily
lonely · 10 years ago
Being open nd honest to each other
MANANANATOR+15 · 10 years ago
What is important in a relationship is that u must be honest to your self and your partner
ffnd800080.*nhampie9114(x)(F)(8o(x)(H)(x) · 10 years ago
It nyc
(F)(H)COOL+CATZ(H)(F)(x) · 10 years ago
I think whats impotant is that you have to give your all to whenever your in a relationship with.
Mingas · 10 years ago
Honesty bring trust an it make love 2 be stronge
nhloso · 10 years ago
(H)8-)(F)cc1968+(x)MNDL+GD8-)(H)(F) · 10 years ago
Am never gonna fall again
_Gucci_Berry_ · 10 years ago
To b intergrity in relationshp is the weapon that we mak ur relationshp work so strongly b the 4 each othr encourage,respect,caring nd loveable stuff
5000ff8o(z)*RICKY+BANK*(G)(*)L)(i)P-) · 10 years ago
Fallin inlove it craiz bt ts..amazin
SIWEH.. · 10 years ago
I tynk dat da mst important tyn s tu lv each ada,communication is vital n commitment-of whc many ppl fail in.
(H)Lil+A(H) · 10 years ago
Thr r different kind of prblmz tht makes guys cheat, myb he does'nt fil satisfied in da relationship.....nd im nt tlkng abt sex whn i say satisfied bt thr r lot of thngs tht makes a guy filz lyk u ain't gud enough,myb thrz less communication or trust.....or myb u r most definetly boring coz langaphandle bakhona abantu ababhorayo blind
Lungstar · 10 years ago
2 share ideans n hvng fun
(x)PRO+LANDY(x) · 10 years ago
being faithful 2each ada & caring can make de relationship 2b strong.bt in ada setuation lys are useful
mazuky · 10 years ago
I also thnk dat relationship in other to grow it nid axcepaticy both of u nid to axcept de way de a nd lav each other without cheting thnx
solar(solicious) · 10 years ago
trust is important in a relationship
(c)m!c+f!ne+ch!na(c) · 10 years ago
Theres nothing that bit communication and honest in a relationship
Latoya · 10 years ago
*ff35ffperfect+loverF2013F_DARKIE+LUCKIE_* · 10 years ago
I thnk honesty,communication,trust n faithfulness is de most imprtnt thngs in a rlshnship
Theolicious · 10 years ago
Y d man cheat alwyz
(x)(F)T(H)H(H)A(H)B(H)I(H)T(H)H(H)A(F)(x) · 10 years ago
Out of my experience I've learned stepping into a relationship is .. 1) Utmost loyalty . 2) Communication , that includes listening to your life partner seeing their point of view , and not thinking about your own at all. 3) Always see how you can make them happy, by always appreciating their efforts to make you happy . 4) Trust them .. Inspire them to be more showing you faith in them . 5) Lastly on the list is. Always love them .
Alex.I\'E.Toreador · 10 years ago
What is important in rlshp is honest nd support each ada nd communicatn nd trust
ff1995...+prince+of+univerce · 10 years ago
Enjoy the present, forget bwt the past, n nva mind the future. Hare ka tlohela ho thetsana bwt future everything wil be ok. Trust, loyalty, respect towards ich ada.
Loading.... · 10 years ago
Love comes frm God no man can create love all we have as humans feelings
Eliyah+the+pr0phet · 10 years ago
Before entering in a relationship you must commit yourself that you are ready and also you must be with someone that understands,someone you reaally know and you really love
I-T100+BLACK+BOERE · 10 years ago
Qhadzira raisd an important point abt beinf in a relationship and thats true,if your partner satisfies you and you also do,then there wont be any cheating
I-T100+BLACK+BOERE · 10 years ago
Communicatn.You must knw hw 2 cmunicate wtht f8n or arguing.
Ciara. · 10 years ago
A great conversation
ff0987*Monwa* · 10 years ago
Whats important is to trust ; honest and support each other
divine · 10 years ago
I've been in and out of relati0nshpx and al i wana say is that r0mance keeps the relati0nshp c0z ur b.f/g.f won't cheat if they get enough romance
(x)f00fff*qhandzira(*)* · 10 years ago
I thnk wen 2 ppl r in a rltnshp thy shld rspct,trust nd b honest abt evrythn
LUNGZ · 10 years ago
First of all trust,caring,sharing thoughts,supp0rtive,kindness,respect n0thng m0re and n0thng less.example jst see whr dineo end up to,u knw y?k,let me ansa bcz of lie,and keeping secrets frm his husband whch it ai'nt good.
FF0000sHa40ffffRlOFF2281tTe · 10 years ago
In a relationship u need 2be supportve be lvy knd hv an open relationship if 1of u is cheat try 2explain y u doing....im involved in a relationship ma bf cheated several tmz bt iforgvd hm nd our relationship iz healthy again
ff2010Weirdcrazychick · 10 years ago
In a relationship both of people must trust each other care for one another,honesty ans support discuss what is wrong and what is right dont hide the person you love dont cheat at him/her thats what make a relationship to be strong
*+ma+asie · 10 years ago
trust.caring..loving each other..be honest..
Da+single+qun · 10 years ago
Ja we can tell trut bt we lys sometimes
0766893424solver · 10 years ago
alwayz tell the truth no matter wat don't ever think about lying coz dat cud cauz a lot of trouble u mst understand each other
Aziziphomgxekwana+makhiwa · 10 years ago
In relationshp we xud learn 2be patient nd avoid lyin as it wil lead us to cheatin stage.we should be honest wth one anthr thus alowin u to trust each ada
HL....RR...-* · 10 years ago
Gud nyt sleep thyt
asive+aka+veve+wama+leyo+namanje · 10 years ago
I think loving,respecting,trusting and hönouring ur prtner
(H)(x)(H)(x)MIS+HEAVY+K(H)(x)(H) · 10 years ago
I jst wna sy dat luv z all abt shrin nd make sure dat ur luver iz also ur best frnd nd oh respect,trust,communication nd honesty iz also imprtnt
C.nation · 10 years ago
Honesty is important but as well as Respect, trust and Loyalty. They keep the relationship together.. strong as well.
Sara · 10 years ago
/LoVe,h0nEstY,tRust,LoYaltY aNd c0mMuniCati0n aRe vErY iMp0rTaNt iN maKiNG sUrE daT uU'rE oN a g00d paCe dEn eXcItEmeNt iS maKiN uR rElatioNsHip 2 fiLLeD wiF loVe,LaUgHtEr Nd haPpIneSs/
*.ff4080.gc* · 10 years ago
To be polite to hm
*ff1997e.MrSbLiNge*+* · 10 years ago
Ithink its fun to kiss
*ff1997e.MrSbLiNge*+* · 10 years ago
trust,love,loyality,respect n b honest dat all
Sthandwa · 10 years ago
foxyChiq · 10 years ago
Trurst ,lave, making each heppy sharing ideas telling each other that ur lv her.
Sotobe\'z · 10 years ago
(F)(F)(m)(H)8-)FAKU\'KEZI8-)(H)(m)(F)(F) · 10 years ago
Its easy 2 give it ur best shot with trust n loyalty.2 not xpect 2 be given but give loves freely becouse it comes naturally.Last but nt least If sme1 z nt mykin u happy Don't hesitate on findin sme1 whu will n all da tym
40ffff(*)(x)PhAR-DI-MaAr+(x)(x)++MaNaZ(x)(*) · 10 years ago
A ur time,respct,kindnes nd 2 bi honest is vry importnt 2 ur lv lyf thy build nd control ur relationshp. not :L)
Lip+kiss · 10 years ago
If u let it go in relationship,no mater wat hv hppn ur lover tyk an adverntge of u,shi wil du sym mistyk
Lip+kiss · 10 years ago
Whats also important is to tell each other everything, no lies,trust, honesty nd ur relationship
Agile · 10 years ago
Lol,:} luv does nt consists in gazing at each other, bt in luking outward 2gthr at the same direction.Relationship is nt finding sam1 2 live with, it`s finding sam1 U can`t live without.:[
Compliment · 10 years ago
Being open 2 1 anada.honesty,respct,lav mkc a gud r.ltnshp....dnt listn 2 wt adaz tel u bwt ur man ow g.f
ff1999(x)(x)INGAR-NAR-THIE(F)(H) · 10 years ago
Important is to trust each othr nd dnt each othr dnt cheat
80008f(c).*young(c)cb8080lloyd*(c)13 · 10 years ago
Respct,honesty,transparnt relationshp
Philomza · 10 years ago
In ma relationxip i get 2 share ma personal problems wit hm ,cry whn am wit hm,d best thng z our both familys knw each otr
Love is all awt bing honest en trustworthy...wel in sum cases bing fair to love is needed...coZ i min luv is all awt feelins so we dnt jss go out to look fr beauties en say we love thm..No!we love what we feel frm our hearts.ThAnk you
_*404000*Bffff0000ff00.!m.-ff1996nE_ · 10 years ago
Ma opinoin is dat in a relashionship two peaople must understand each other samtymz in a relashionship you find that you partner finds sex as an idea in your relationship but tthe main thing is that love is not about sex all the time is about the two of ur hearts if only people fogett about sex when your ather partner iz not comfortable with it
Pearl+barbie · 10 years ago
Best thng in a relationshp z dat u mst b honest wit each other nd b open 2 tel yo partner wat u dnt lyk abt hm\ha
B-mn+w3r0 · 10 years ago
Ma opinion z dat in a rlationshp u hv 2 b onest 1stly wf ur clf den wf ur patner.U hv 2 andastand each ada ur dffrncez n ur conflicts, b open 2 ur patner n olwaez rmemba dat u dnt hv 2b in a rlationshp bi fyndn a pefect person u jst hv 2 luv dat impefect person pefectly dats all :)
ff1993.(*)IC(x)QUN(*) · 10 years ago
I think the best thing in a relationship is to be honest you must always support each other
Velly · 10 years ago
Having honesty,trust nd care is all that can build a good relationship
Teboliciouz · 10 years ago
Be polite to hm tll her more abt ur self
BONNIE+KA+mrayane+A.K.A+47 · 10 years ago
First whn we get in love we hear it in our body
BONNIE+KA+mrayane+A.K.A+47 · 10 years ago
First when we just fell inlove we get a well balanced relationship.... So the problem is when you think you know your partner well, you turn to forget that she's only human and thats a big problem because if she hurts you it becomes a big problem.... And as for girls they turn to be quite jealous and end up keeping their boys close wich leads to nagging... So the important thing is a relationship is being open and having serious conversation but not everyday.. You must play together, to stay together!!
.deadffS\'buda+F.- · 10 years ago
2 respect each other n be open 2 ur parten dat makes ur r.... Grow
ff2010)_LIND2010ffo25_x · 10 years ago
a gud relationship must hav it's ups nd downs.Horrible things must b there they r just test ,it in these test 2 c if ur relationship is strong enough.
Pretty · 10 years ago
Ja if we trust each , being honest to each other and not pretending in the relationship
Saduce+me · 10 years ago
Why a boy find out that u are cheating he got angry 2 much ,mara gals jst forgive easy
Saduce+me · 10 years ago
i agree trust nd honesty is important in a relationship its what makes it
ANOH*voe8-)YOW · 11 years ago
The books I love!
Nqabane · 11 years ago
*0cc909_Misfebulas2_* · 11 years ago
Compromise, trust, honesty, truth and believe in each other. Have open communication without judging. Havin no hidden secret, no cheating. Share good and bad to getter.
Peta kgashane · 11 years ago
Being honest, trusting your partner, sharing everything together and letting him know he means the world to you...every relationship have its own ups and downs bt if u stand together you can get through anything as long as you both still willing to work something out
Lady+N · 11 years ago
Telling the truth to the one you love is a good opinion bcoz you might gain something frm him thats how relationship is all abt.
ff00ffVELETRINCO+VELEVITRO · 11 years ago
2be honest n caring settle thngz down when there iz lack of somethng dont jst sit n watch.there must be likes n dislikes
f80088....*(*)STRAND+GU+_ · 11 years ago
Im vuyolwe2 frm cpt need n honest girl frm e.c or in gauteng.im 20yearz doing grd 12 my mixt contactz guu28
f80088....*(*)STRAND+GU+_ · 11 years ago
Tö be faithffu£ and love ur patner (H)
Candy+gal · 11 years ago
A relatnshp z based on comunication if u n ur prtnr cnt do tht u wnt undrstnd or knw ur prtnrs flngs n anthr thng z trust 2 m if thr znt trst thr z no us n honesty wil set u free 2 cz itl mke ur prtnr hv positve flngz 2wrds de rltnshp
ff40ff.Mb.- · 11 years ago
Lv,trust, respct
(H)ff0000VANNILA+0000ffLIPS(H) · 11 years ago
As lng as u fall inluv wth a ryt persn in such a way dat ull b hvng sumthng in common,sharnd da same passion nd being in da same path.nthng wll destruct ur relatnshp,b honest,full of luv bt if u gnna cheat it simply mins ur nt rali inluv
ff0000Mic+benevolent+a.k.a+Ambivalent · 11 years ago
For me, its about honesty and trust between 2 patners because once de trust is broken den the rltnshp wil b brokn
(F)+KGABOON+(*) · 11 years ago
Its abt trust,respect,caring n understanding n loving each other
*(H)(*)(F)1ff121TOP+DELICATEff1995+LEE(F)(H)* · 11 years ago
Ja u shud b both rensponsbl for kipng it up n lv d wae u gyz liv wthout any barriers
ff2013(x))*vOuptOuOS+ldY*(H)(F)(x) · 11 years ago
Its abt faith and sharin wats insyd us.
_*(x)0000ffkAy+GeE+(x)*_ · 11 years ago
Being able to be who u are around your lover
ffff11Whizy+ch!ck · 11 years ago
Been in a r you have to be trustworthy to each other honest and surppotive to make a perfect r be there forever
Boakaretso · 11 years ago
Kwi relationship kubalulekile uku supportana everytime...
Tr · 11 years ago
Smetimes is nt ryt 2 respect ur ptner
(mafian)+camphat. · 11 years ago
Jah sex is gud
(mafian)+camphat. · 11 years ago
No liez n trust each other
ffcc0c*(c)ff1999CHUMANI+00c000(c)SINAWO(c)* · 11 years ago
No secrets.no lies
(G)(H)*00ccddCneroh*+*bbe*(H)(G) · 11 years ago
Hi its 2 lv each ada
ff1000Khayeh · 11 years ago
Sex iz gud.
Linkworth · 11 years ago
U hav 2 respect ur partner an hav fun
FF00FeSMD. · 11 years ago
Thy r 3 bst thngz 4 relationshp whch are 1 lipz dat wnt lie 2 eyez dat wnt cry nd 3 lv dat wnt die
(F)Mr+582433NicE+247863GuY(F)6852D5 · 11 years ago
Wat is important in a relationship is trust , honesty,love and respect
-Pmic-) · 11 years ago
No secrets,no lies,trust and communication...talkin frm experience
ff2888)(x)Mrz+KaY+wA+LePyAtLA(x) · 11 years ago
Respect,trust nd comitment makes a gud relationship.
Storm+shadow · 11 years ago
4 a relationship 2 b stable both parties need 2 be on the same level nd dey must knw their position
Storm+shadow · 11 years ago
Relationship,it only abt truth,trust,honestly nd care only
mavuso · 11 years ago
no lies
*(x)AMER!CAn+(f)+B!TcH+(x)* · 11 years ago
That will depend on the relationship you are having,if its jst a friendship theres nothng important ther
RICKFORCE · 11 years ago
Relationship: :-?
RICKFORCE · 11 years ago
hv respct 4 1anada share ideas n being honesty
Mama+rori · 11 years ago
I thnk wats importnt in a relationshp z being urclf 2 each ada. Dnt try 2 impress ur partnr wt lies, lt ur partnr lv u 4 whu u ar nt whu u claim 2 b
(x)LIL-LORD(x) · 11 years ago
Hnst,trust,gud communication nd be wh u ar
(x)Mpintshi(H)yam(x) · 11 years ago
Asi.com · 11 years ago
To be honest to share each other a feeling to help each other
ff2005(H)_SIKI_(x) · 11 years ago
wat if u get inlv wth a prostitute nd u ddnt knw dat ur partner is a prostitute bt you just fell inlove wth them....... will you not expect any changes?
SIYABONGA082 · 11 years ago
Love is a stupidity between two fools so i say marraige is the best bt dnt share a room wth ur partner coz dat cn lead on cheatin
SIYABONGA082 · 11 years ago
Being der 4 each ada..supportin nd respectin each ada..trust
TSA-KA+(\'\'+LA+WA · 11 years ago
Unconditional lv.trust,loyalty nd respect
John wa mmakgotso · 11 years ago
The keys of best relationship is th trust, whtout trust thyz no relationship that the key of survive.
Zozama · 11 years ago
Lv is jst complictd
Lv is jst complictd · 11 years ago
Unconditional love n unrequited love
Simphiwe · 11 years ago
Trust,honesty,respect,open communication nd genuine love nd one another
Lacuteness · 11 years ago
mtlalepule wa timas · 11 years ago
Unconditional love,Strong line of Communication,Trust,Honesty,Perseverance,Respect,Support..
Caroline · 12 years ago
shady Sanele chonco · 12 years ago
Relationship need trust, honest,caring,unselfish
ZNTLE · 12 years ago
Toxicsuga · 12 years ago
Relationship need trust,honesty nd communication
Austin · 12 years ago
I thnk it is 2 b hnst 2 each ada trst each ada spnt mst of yo tym 2geda
Nqobile · 12 years ago
Relationship have a digree which is honest,respct,trust each ather n 2 tk with ur (H) abt doing relationship
Tiisetso · 12 years ago
honesty,love,respect n sharin are whats important in a relationship and also communication!
tebogo · 12 years ago
True love is a fixed mark and true can't be be defeated by any obstacles.True love is control.if u wana true love search ''Jantjie Xololwethu or my contact 07184478248
Jantjie Xololwethu · 12 years ago
Relationshhp is love nothing but love trust and honestie and not outside love heart and inside love
Master S.T.MTHEMBU · 12 years ago
Jah ur ryt guyz lv is al abt trustd nt cheatng
Colbert · 12 years ago
Love is nt based on sex nd the looks of the person love is the heart
Austin · 12 years ago
I thnk woman shuld pay atention 2 thyr bf's
Austin · 12 years ago
Austin · 12 years ago
Wat is important in love is 2 have sex
Matsemela · 12 years ago
I think communication,trust n be open to ur partnr dat wil make ur relationshp strong n grow
Luyanda mbokazi · 12 years ago
Being in a relationship its all abt commucation,trust nd sharing lst bt nt lyst undastndng one anada bta.
Unathi · 12 years ago
Love iz the key to have peace in your heart
Frank · 12 years ago
Evansmec · 12 years ago
I thnk co-oporation 4rm both sides, lots of love and understandng 4rm both parties, this wil help 2 eliminate arguemnts bcoz u knw evrythng abt her an her abt u!
Mathapelo. · 12 years ago
Balance....not over-loving...
Mark Frank · 12 years ago
Trust and honesty are important in a relationship
Thato · 12 years ago
jst Blv tht ur lover is ur best choice
Lisa · 12 years ago
TEBOGO · 12 years ago
I think a relationship shld be built on trust u shld honest n faithful to ur partner in dt way even if u have done a mistake n tell it there is a gud chance he or she myt forgive u n move on with ur relationship love cherish n respect be ther n support each other
Tshego · 12 years ago
Trust,l0ve,respect,h0nesty,care z wat z nided in 0rder 2 build a gud relati0nship
Sea-yaar-mtha-andar · 12 years ago
If u build ur rltnshp on trust thrz no wae it cn fail.communication is so vital in a rltinshp,honesty n obedience r also imprtnt..wtout thse thing a rltinshp z dead o thr isn't 1
Pamela Mzandisi · 12 years ago
Wht makes a good relationship is loyalty and honesty.
Skie. · 12 years ago
Honerty ,faithfulness ,respect make a good foundation of love in a relationship
Zama · 12 years ago
Loving sum1 z a challenge and nothing better than 2 love each other in a relationship. he/she cheated on u bt if u still inlove,u can't just quit.
Bulie · 12 years ago
Well i'd say..being in a relationship is an exciting moment of our lives indeed and i think if you can only be honest and trus one another that would be a strong relationship and no cheating guys!!
Sboni · 12 years ago
Da T.L.D
Da T.L.D · 12 years ago
I thnk the main n most important element in a relashionshp s TRUST folowd by communication,respect,honesty and that wil result in a strong compound...LOVE.
GIFT samathebele · 12 years ago
Being in lv is d gr8st flng evr... Bt u hv 2 respect,trust n b honest 2 ur patnr
Zanzah · 12 years ago
jst mke only 1 luv on ur heart coz if u r a playr ul end up played by a betrayer nd jst follow ur heart nt ur mind coz the power of luv cannot be ruled by thinking bt cn b cntrold by a feeling nd lts pay respect in orda 2 b united lyk de leaves wth its branch coz sometyms the roots cn b pure deep on de soil so dnt dnt love a wise man by praising his money bt ul need 2 luv de soul coz when u dream hl nvr b involvd in night mares
thabo · 12 years ago
I cn say its cmmncation,hnesty nd thrst
Aliziwe · 12 years ago
Patience,trust,support,understanding,communicatin and most importantly Love
Boipelo Mwk · 12 years ago
Support,sharing,undrstndng those are the things that make us enjoy being in relationshp
Skinny guy · 12 years ago
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Tshepiso · 12 years ago
Good relationship must feel the same things and trust,having agrement 4 doing things that is a good relationship.dnt love money love a person that u follow in love with she/he.....
Emmanuel LUSHABA · 12 years ago
I think trust and communication...all couples should communicate in order for them to understand each other.respect is also important knowing the importance of the other person treating them how you want to be treated shows how big of a person you are
Portia · 12 years ago
Trust.love,respect n honesty
Phinkie · 12 years ago
iz importnt 2 knw ur partnr nd get tyme 2 knw each othr n being frndz also.
Tony mantano · 12 years ago
Communication, support, trust, knw each othrs goals & listening each othr dat wat mks rltshp 2 work.
Nkhahle · 12 years ago
Falling in love is such a r0mantic thing at first.. But when it comes 0n those hectic times yoh its really.. U both start to lose trust even if n0 1 is cheating.. The m0st thing needed its TRUST!!!
Guardian emo · 12 years ago
Its grt. What is important in a relationship is firstly love. Without it the relationship is dead. Trust, understanding and respect are also essential.
Mulaudzi · 12 years ago
Trust,support,understanding,perceverence,these are the blocks of a relationship
Philisiwe thango. trust,support,percevernce these are the blocks of relationship · 12 years ago