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1.I like every kind of tag a book has wether horror human drama or real life it doesn't really matter what matters is that the book satisfied my expectations Answer to question seven is... Yes it inspires me to write my own work
Zamazizi Mthanti · a year ago
@Team Funza when ever I log out and log in the system says it does not know me i had to redo my account about 4 to 5 times now with different numbers and emails ,wat is all this I want my accounts back plus I know my name and my password why am I being denied access🤨🤨I can't stand it now if I don't get recognised again I wount bother coming back here!! And please don't tell me to email my problem coz it's right here I'm telling you now☹️☹️
Zenzelisphesihle Nyambose · 2 years ago
Team FunDza what happened but anyway thank goodness we are back on track.
Jessica jessica · 2 years ago
Hi Mthabise, we're sorry to hear that - what a bad time for it to go wrong. We'll alert the tech dept...
Team FunDza · 2 years ago
Thanks goodness it works
Sarnia Ontario · 2 years ago
I sent you a story but you still haven't get back to me .
Alison thank you · 2 years ago
Dear Fundza now I'm tired of waiting for you if you don't wanna do it then fine but I'm out. Finish and klaar.
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Thank god we are back, Thanks Fundza.mobi.
TrittO3 · 2 years ago
Fundza now is working
Alison thank you · 2 years ago
Error 404 first asked u yesterday now l am ordering you people(fundza) to fix this. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
K…@ gmail. Co. Za · 2 years ago
So the engineers are trying to fix it. I understand but please fix it soon😭
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Kanti what the hell is going on Fundza you owe us some explanation because I can't find my stories. Plz fix it. ASAP😭😭.
Mthabise · 2 years ago
I want to delete one of my writing
Loster · 2 years ago
Kanti what the hell is going on . Fundza you owe us some explanation. First it was an error and now I can't find my stories that are incomplete that needs to be finished and the stories that are being reviewed. Plz fix ASAP.😭
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Same thing @Slie Kattz . I can't find the stories I was writing in the Lovewritting platform. Plz help😭😭😭
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Uh FunDza team, I need to write my stories and I can't find them in the LoveWriting platform.
Slie Kattz · 2 years ago
1. Romance 2.yes 3.yes 4.yes ,Shakespeare 5.No, can't afford it am a scholar 6.No 7.Yes 8.yes , I can't read any of the books because of some error 404 9.yes 10.yes,I have invited my siblings to sign up 11.English
Ce · 2 years ago
My fundza stories are not appearing here,please guys fix this soon,please🙏
Mahlamba · 2 years ago
Romance,human drama
Mahlamba · 2 years ago
1. Romance, human drama. 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes, Shakespeare . 5. No, well I'm still in school so can't afford. 6. No 7. Yes 8. Yes, I can't read anything, it says Error 404 page not found. 9. Yes 10. Yes, I have invited my friends to sign up. 11. English
Yasheel Ramsaroop · 2 years ago
Hey, what is going on, I've been trying to access FunDza for a long time, but it keeps on saying Error page not found. It's kinda hard now because I haven't read anything the entire day and I'd really like to read something now on FunDza. You guys have got us addicted to reading on FunDza and now we can't read over here. Please can you fix the problem soon 😂😭😭😭😿. I love to read all thanks to FunDza. So please it would really be appreciated if the problem gets fixed soon.
Yasheel Ramsaroop · 2 years ago
ERROR 404😓😭😭😭💔
24577eghhnne4y · 2 years ago
Error 404😓😭😭😭😭💔
Itumel · 2 years ago
When I enter it say error 404 page not found and i want to read stories
I love reading so much · 2 years ago
I can't read,i cant log in.. whts happening kanty🙄😥💔
Hazzie bae · 2 years ago
I can't read, ,I can't log in 😭😭
Tebogo_4 · 2 years ago
What is happening with fundza 😣I wanna read my stories
Makhosi 14… · 2 years ago
And I have a certificate to download 🙏🏽😪
…@Li · 2 years ago
Am addicted to fundza mobi💔And now I can't feed my addiction! What's happening guys?? Am longing to read something🤧...I've been patient with this thing the whole day😭Plz don't disappoint us on a Christmas😪I've got to read something 🙏🏽
…@Li · 2 years ago
I need something to read- error 404
Ce · 2 years ago
I called but no answer l wonder who will fix this
Alison thank you · 2 years ago
8. l think we all have a problem that needs to be fixed please l need to read. Error 404😭😭😭😭😅
K…@ gmail. Co. Za · 2 years ago
I need to read a story
Alison thank you · 2 years ago
Me too
Alison thank you · 2 years ago
Same story @Geendapoet
Mellisa lows · 2 years ago
Fundza this is really annoying.You could have sent us a massage at least 😭😭🙄
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Please fix this . I need to write my story ASAP 😭😭😭😭😭
Mthabise · 2 years ago
8. Me too I can't reach the platform
Your Mercy · 2 years ago
Mine says 404 error . What's going on I even restarted my phone but no. Fundza you owe us some explanation because I can't even see my stories. What the hell is going on.
Mthabise · 2 years ago
Me too,,I can't reach the platform...
Chizzy · 2 years ago
8.yes I can't reach the platform it says error 404 page not found
Geendapoet · 2 years ago
Me too!? what is wrong it was fine just yesterday.
Polpot · 2 years ago
Mine too, seems though there is a technical issue
Slie Kattz · 2 years ago
8.I can't read the books bc it says 404 error page not found
-Litha · 2 years ago
Mine says it too
Tsoanelo · 2 years ago
1. real life stories 2.yes 3.yes 4.Jane Austin 5.no 6.no 7.yes it does buh I'm not gifted at writing 8.no 9.yes 10.yes 11.English
Manyikosi · 2 years ago
8.l can't find the platform and it says. Errow 404 page not found sorry,it looks like we could not find the page and I can't read the books
Tsiyamiso · 2 years ago
1.Romance,real-life and human drama 2.yes but not too long 3.no 4.yes,Romeo and Juliet 5.no I won't afford 6.no 7.yes 8.yes, when I try to read or search for a story,it says error 404 and I can't read.9.yes 10.yes and no 11. English
Olebogeng Tsoaeli · 2 years ago
1.romance/human drama 2.no but short 3.yes 4.Jane austin 5.yes 6.no 7.l didn't try but I will 8.no 9.yes 10.yes already done that 11.english my lovely language
Tsiyamiso · 2 years ago
1. Romance ,human drama ,real life stories ,horror. 2 Nooooo. 3.Yes. 4.Yes, Romeo and Juliet. 5.Yes. 6.No. 7.Yes and yes. 8.Yes, when I try to read a story or search for a story, it says error 404 and I can't read. 9. Yes. 10. Yes and No. 11. English
Nase Ase · 2 years ago
1.Romance and real life stories are good for me 2. Yes but not more than 7 chapters 3. Yes 4. No 5.No because I am currently not working 6. I didn't know u have one 7. Yes 8. Yes, even now it say Error page 404 isn't available 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. English and Zulu 11.
Tiwawa · 2 years ago
1.Romance and real life stories are good for me 2.when I am trying to login it says there is error
Tiwawa · 2 years ago
1. Romance and human drama 2. Yes but not too long 3. Yes please 4. Yes, Shakespeare's plays 5. No I won't afford 6. No, I didn't know you can even know that 7. Yes 8. Yes, even now it say Error page 404 is not available but maybe it's network 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. English
Jessica jessica · 2 years ago
1, romance, human drama 8,I can't login or search for topics ,it says that there is an error and the features like home don't respond
Promise nilay · 2 years ago
1.Romance and Human Drama 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. No 5. No can't afford 6. No, how is it possible? 7. Yes 8. No 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. English
@_5 · 3 years ago
1.Real life 2.no 3.yes 4.yes, Jane Austin 5.yes 6.no 7.yes, already have 8.no 9.yes 10.yes and yes 11.english
Josh Lemmetjies · 3 years ago
stories in diary form... No No Yes No No not yet Yes No Yes No English
Lieffie · 3 years ago
(1romance and human drama) (2 yes please)(9 definitely)(11 English I only understand English)
Tamsyn · 3 years ago
1.romance 2.yes 3.yes 4.no 5.yes 6.yes 7.yes 8.no 9. Definitely 10. Yes 11.Xhosa and English
Tshidie · 3 years ago
Romance and human drama
Wftzjki · 3 years ago
The problems I experience are when I try to post a comment and I click the post comment thing and my comments don't appear so I'd you could really help with that becos I don't want to end up leaving this app so please help!!!!and I would like a feedback not trying to be rude it's just that I need your help!!!!!!!!!
Lwandii · 3 years ago
1.Human drama 2.no I prefer shorter ones 3.no 4.no 5.apologetly no 6.yep 7.yes 8.yes sometimes it just switch's off 9.of course 10.every time 11.english
Lwandii · 3 years ago
I love human drama
Enzo1124 · 4 years ago
Hi fundza im tamsyn dhalia Phillips and i love your books fundza😍I'm 11 years old i think that it would be really nice if your'll had number 9 the chatroom idea it would be really nice to get to know the awesome readers thank you🤗
Dhalia · 4 years ago
I am in love with FunDza it gives all kinds of stories from romance to human drama. They give so much moral lessons and can u believe it I am not keen to sleeping late but with FunDza I sleep at 11:40 or later everyday. I LOVE FUNDZA it is so much interesting.
Gcinile Nxumalo · 4 years ago
but then I enjoy reading the Stories.. and I love FunDza.. because it's enjoyable and pushes me to read and inspires me.
Jucylady · 5 years ago
I sometimes get a problem when I want to comment i write my comment then click on post comment but sometimes my comments don't appear..
Jucylady · 5 years ago
I love FunDza!! But the story chapters need to be longer.
Cassidy · 7 years ago
We'd be nothing without you fabulous FunDza Fanz..... Thank you!
FunDza Team · 10 years ago
I lve what you are doing fundza u make us proud we adore u
ffnd800080.*nhampie9114(x)(F)(8o(x)(H)(x) · 10 years ago
I lov ur job FUNDZA n i rlly lyk readin bt ive read almost evry book in ths site plz upload mo jst keep em cmin LOV U FUNDZA
QuEEn\'B.. · 10 years ago
I would lv fundza chat room
magold · 10 years ago
Hi Peta Kgashane - we're working on an upgrade at the moment which will categorise the poems. But, please note that FunDza is taking a break till 6 January. So there won't be new Fundza Fanz content until early Jan. There will, however, be new short stories and also the Zinzi Zwane diaries that are new. So, keep on visiting.
FunDza Team · 10 years ago
Fundza is not doing well now. For the past 2weeks of this month. I don't see any new poems or stories and I'm sure fans had sent them! Reorganize the poetry section, the poems over numbered now. There is to be divided in categories to make it look better.
peta kgashane · 10 years ago
I realy like romance,thn no 2,yes no 3 yes no 4 No.
(x)(H)yolah(H)(x)PEARL(H)(x) · 11 years ago
Fundza team,wat a nice story u dnt hav(cinderella)pls bring more powerful horrifyng stories:)pls
*ff1995SwEet+Nastry!)* · 11 years ago
if you like reading then u might like this blog...
Luscioust3 · 11 years ago
who likes reading good stories?i love writing em
Luscioust3 · 11 years ago
The best stories are romance 2,yes 3,yes 4,no 5,yes 6,yes 7,yes 8,no 9,yes 10,yes 11,english
-)THE+ICE+COOL+GIRL8-) · 11 years ago
Fundza team i'm still waiting for the book i won in last months competition
Lizzie · 11 years ago
ff1985*CNETHEMBA+KA+SENZO* · 11 years ago
ff1985*CNETHEMBA+KA+SENZO* · 11 years ago
ff1985*CNETHEMBA+KA+SENZO* · 11 years ago
I love reading the stories in English
ff188f.*MvB* · 11 years ago
Fundza plz add more books tle...i knw al da buks here n da new 1nz R taking tym jong...plz fundza im gettn bored manje my mxit sucks without new stories
ff188f.*MvB* · 11 years ago
Fundza should allow a new writing technique called Letter technique.its very expresive,short and refletive.though ppl nowadays use texts mssgs they shld nt 4get de letter tht built our world
*._fff000Sff8008PONGE+BOB!!!SQUAREPANTS_\'* · 11 years ago
I lv romance so much learn thingz there hmmmmm lol
-)Cya-P · 11 years ago
-)Cya-P · 11 years ago
I lyk real lyf stories cz when im wrtng my poemz im talkng abt lyf nd love nd i would lyk to donate ur stories.
Finest+layd.yebo · 11 years ago
Anythng realistc weda horror o romantc is fantastc by ma syd...
nana · 11 years ago
I lyk romance nd real life stories,yes da chapters must be long.yes i love donating,u should mix chapters with regular seven chapters nd there should be funza chatrooms and i enjoy fundza fanz
Princess · 11 years ago
I think the stories are too short especially the daily storie like /who am i without my weave/.
Thapelo mofokeng · 11 years ago
i like real life stories as they help approach real life situations and they somehow reach out to people who are going through the same thing as you.it would be nice if fundza can organise events for writers to get together and take this trust to the highest level.
ntokozo · 11 years ago
Hey im thity six nd i luv reading ur stories juz a pity it so short nd sum of da stories u hve to wait for da next chapter i lyk romance nd human stories cant wait for ur oda stories i read all ur stories keep up ur gud wrk
Abeeda · 11 years ago
Tjo hair waves cnt make u bealah u must b jst a natural prsn
Palesa · 11 years ago
Palesa · 11 years ago
I lyk romantic stories,coz dey mke me feel romantic too.
Punkie · 11 years ago
I like a romantic stories and stories in diary form,yes i think the chapters should be l0nger,not yet i brought b!g readers its n0t that i d0n.t want ain.t got n0 airtym
Thando · 11 years ago
Not a problem at all, Nondumiso. Plagiarism is a concern for writers... so it's great to know that there are vigilant and active readers! Best, Mignon
Mignon · 11 years ago
I lyk romance
Thabang · 11 years ago
Honey · 11 years ago
Romance nd ril_life stories nd shuld b at least mix lngr nd shrtr i enjoy readin ur stories plz nd take long 2 gv us new 1 anyway u rock my world
Jeanette · 11 years ago
Mignon, thank you for clarifying that for me! I was really worried about that because the story is so distinct that I found it unforgettable and was stunned to find it here in Fundza. I apologise for being a bit harsh in my confrontation, plagarism is a matter close to my heart due to something that happened to me be before.
Nondumiso · 11 years ago
I am d first tym book reader bt i have learnt a lot and i am looking forward on readng those books.
Sihle Sogoni · 11 years ago
i totaly luv ur bukz.keep up de gud work
millicent · 11 years ago
Hi Nondumiso - Jenny Robson (the author of "A Future in Flames") also writes for Drum under the pseudonym Precious Siboni. She has previously re-worked stories that have run in Drum for FunDza's mobi network. So it isn't plagiarism - as it is the author / copyright-holder reworking the same plot but for a different publishing platform. However, FunDza is aware of this and we've asked her to only write original stories/plots for FunDza in future. Hope that the explanation helps. All the best, Mignon (FunDza Literacy Trust, Managing Trustee)
Mignon Hardie · 11 years ago
I like romantic stories and the chapters must be long
Tebalelo frm gamolepo · 11 years ago
Yay! So pleased to hear that they arrived safely.
Team Fundza · 11 years ago
romance n human drama
lebza · 11 years ago
Wow i got ma prizes today thank u so much Fundza
Mandlakazi · 11 years ago
I think i will be calling Drum magazine and letting them know about the plagerism that has happened here. Especially because you are trying to sweep it under the carpet. The media will know about this Fundza...how disappointing that you should allow such plagerism on something thats meant to be inspirational to the youth #cant deal#
Nondumiso · 11 years ago
I would like to make a comment on a particular story called "future in flames" i recall reading this story in a magazine (DRUM) in their short story section. I'm wondering if they are aware that the story is being plagerised like this?
Nondumiso · 11 years ago
I love Romance stories & chapters shud be longer tey r fine mixed as long with short stories please dnt take long b4 adding new stories we get bored:)
Alinah · 11 years ago
11 siswati
Te · 11 years ago
Fundza is de best
Kg · 11 years ago
Fundza i say u rock nd u are de best
Kg · 11 years ago
after the weave story u must defanatly make th chpters long
ronny · 11 years ago
Fundza Fundza fundza...owh fundza wow guys u rily knw ur thng...i enjoy each n evry story i read bt most i enjoy romantic 1ce:}. ofcoz we wud lav it evn more if we have a chatrum whr we cn share excitement wth other readers,u r doing a gr8 job guys kip it up. keep em stories cuming.
Miss.FUNDZA · 11 years ago
Poems,jokes n roMance r thngz dat i thnk xuld b adDed by dar way Fundza stories rock. Fundza auThorZ big up 2 u guyZ
*Simthandile* /Siwe/ · 11 years ago
Fundza is totally awesome. Bt i would like more horror stories and longer chapters please. Thanx. Fundza rocks!!!
Jade · 11 years ago
We want to rid da word of God, da Bible and daily verses.
Aron · 11 years ago
Kiddo belo · 11 years ago
I wuld like to thank FUNDZA TEAM an da aurthor 4 ol da books u giving us thy r awsum ur doin gr8 wrk i wuldnt say u nid dat much of improvment wat we getting z js superb bt id like 2 have longer stories per day accompanied by a chapter of a short story,i know t myt b impossible 2 have long stories per day cs writing duznt js happen like dat t take a lot of tym bt ol in ol fundza z js gr8 i love t big tym.... tanx fundza Bigup
Lee-hun · 11 years ago
I want poetry
Yoyo · 11 years ago
I prefer longer stories no classic stories ar borin i wnt somthng new n fresh nd fundza is gvng me xctly tht
Anathi · 11 years ago
FunDza only promote the English short stories or even you write with your home languege you can be promoted?
Percy · 11 years ago
U xu add even love.jokes.messeges
Allen mashile · 11 years ago
Zombie stories,horror,human drama,crime real life stories.
Musa · 11 years ago
Definetely a Fundza chat room nd plz a longer story per day accompanied by the daily chapters.
Lacuteness · 11 years ago
Tshepo · 11 years ago
1:ROMANCE 2:I THink the story chapter should be longer,oW No i wULd'nT LyK 2 ReAD tHe cLAsSIcS StoRy,i wUlD LvE 2 gEt IN fUNdZA ChAt rOoMz,i rEalY EnJOy rEAdINg fUNdZa fANz sTorY TheY ReAlLY InSpiRe mE
Unathi · 11 years ago
Go ahead fundza wil like the stories that you shared with us
Anelisa · 11 years ago
Aya · 11 years ago
I just love ur stories, they r so addictive n they sometimes end unexpectedly while im still enjoying them. Keep up the good work!
Lena mokwena · 11 years ago
i lyk romance &real lyf stories and plz remind us which storie we last read& which chapture we were in...anywayz i realy luv u FunDza (x)
sbahle · 11 years ago
Ow and i donate if i enjoyed the story
Thobeka · 11 years ago
I like human drama n fiction,short and sweet so 7chapters are owk but please atleast a full story each dae and wow i enjoy the fundza fanz strories keep -em coming
Thobeka · 11 years ago
Hy guys,i realy love de stories ..especially the harmony high series..but i got a problem i cant found the stories of "suger daddy, i cant die young" and de others. Or u havent published them yet?
Lerato · 11 years ago
I would like fundza 2 open fundza chatrooms where we cn discuss da bo0ks we read
Shannel · 11 years ago
I lyk ol kinds of stories and i thnk they shuld b a lil bit longa,wl du anythng 2 kip fundza rockng!so i dnt mnd donating
Jadagrace · 11 years ago
Motivational,Romance, and Real stories are items that i love readin and an option 2 add our stories wil b great
Motivational,Romance, and Real stories are items that i love readin and an option 2… add our stories wil b great · 11 years ago
I love all kind of story,whr is the rest of who is k?
Nelly · 11 years ago
Hellow im cool boy boy babalo plz accept
Babalo · 11 years ago
Hi i want jion the team i have small prom
Babalo · 11 years ago
i will lyk zulu novels &so if i got tym i will share with u my valentine poem i wrote in 14 february 2007 it a truth about what was goin on by dat tym.i will luv 2 hear ur comments
sanelisiwe · 11 years ago
An option that allow's us to add our stories
Lindo · 11 years ago
Ilyk romance novels...so plz put more romance novels...il pay if i hv to.....ilv the serialised stories...plz load new stuff whn u hv new stuff...n ilv u fundza!!!!
Zizipo · 11 years ago
All kinds of stories r perfect, stories shud be longr and shrt ones are okay. I dnt mind donating small amounts to keep stories coming. I also like fundza fans writing. They really inspiring me.
Khanyi · 11 years ago
I lyk romantic longer stories!
Bulelwa · 11 years ago
I want fundza to have more competitions. I would also like to send some of my written work,just don't know where to begin
Sandile · 11 years ago
Thanks a lot Zinhle. You're right, a chatroom is needed. We're working on that because we'd like to interact and hear your thoughts. Keep on reading and spread the word. xxx
Fundza Team · 11 years ago
I will like fundza to show some books for university
Akhona · 11 years ago
We shouldin't have to donate moola. But i love all the stories but i would like longer ones. A chatroom should also be in the work otherwise FUNDZA U ROCK BIG TIME!
Zihle betela · 11 years ago
I rly lyk your story bt pls dont make us 2 wait long 4 nxt chpter
Betty · 11 years ago
NKULLY · 11 years ago
Ey i enjoy reading your storries and for joining your fundza web,i just got an oppotunity to expresse myself in sharing a story that i can feel to share at my school
Asanda · 11 years ago
Can u plz publish atleast a full story everydae...plz guyz i enjoy ur storiea alot
Mathah · 11 years ago
i enjoy all stories excpt zombie,horror nd diary once.it wll be my plesure to donate any moola, enjy wrytn my own poems nd i would love t chat wit othr fundzafanz
ronny · 11 years ago
I would lyk a fundza chatrum so i can interact wit other readers who lv ur books jst lyk m
Magauta · 11 years ago
I like any type of stories,except for zombi and horror ones.I would be glad to donate any amount of moola to keep the stories comimg,I always invite friends to join FUNDZA,as it has inspired me alot ...Short or long stories it really doesn't matter as long as ill read something and last,but not least I WOULD LIKE A FUNDZA CHATROOM PLZ,PLZ PLS...
CLAUDIA · 11 years ago
My best stories are human drama an romance...i wul if d chapters can b longer...i wul lyk dat mix..i prefer shakespear...im nt happy wth donating...no i hvn bought any of big reads...i enjoy readin fundza fan wrtn an it inspr m alot....no prblm im exprncin wen usin fundza...i wul lv fundza chatroom plz...i hv olrdy invytd my frnds to read on fundza
Jojo · 11 years ago