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I am interested in the love books because I am build up love within my heart
Tmohlomelo · 4 years ago
i love reading FunDza books bcoz it keepz me in the gud mood
oteng · 10 years ago
I love a book called 'a boy called an it' by david pelzer .the book is about this writer he shares his story of her mother who treats him bad and his siblings.
they+call+me+micpayie+mara+erna+uthyn+sweetie · 10 years ago
I love fairytales because makes wanna fly and it refresh my mind
HOTBOY · 10 years ago
Usumenyezelwe umcebo ke
ff6666*T00ff00TT--ff1995STHIBff00ff__H+GP* · 10 years ago
00cc00.)(H))mbaly)(H)) · 10 years ago
.+/#800080..AcG..Lil TwIsT:P..#ffff00With All The Mistakes I've Made Mom's Still Listening!/
..*000000Miierah+_Be+Easy_* · 10 years ago
I lve bucz coz they help me improvng my reading level
M.ABOUTRIKA97 · 10 years ago
I lv a poetry book cz give me more intrested readng book & this this fundza stories i like it:)
Dlinangwe · 10 years ago
Inpirational book,boks that talk about our history i'm soo in love with setswana drama,poetry,short stories nd folklore stories books
Simply-Amo · 10 years ago
I jst lv readin books lyk plays,bt it mst be romantic so that i can enjoy it
pink+bubblegum · 10 years ago
I want to thank for this great opportunity but mine wil soon dissapear as my old phone of 2009 is getting m0re old meaning itx dieng. .any1 who cn sponser me with a phone even if it's old i'd be grateful
(x)f00fff*cfqhandzira(*)*fc · 10 years ago
Um ndunakazi xolo i would lyk 2 tnk fundza team 4 evrythn i won the laptop and i enjy rdng their story big5 fundza
**199599XOLLW+NDNKZY · 10 years ago
Mathaf'entandabuza....inengcebiso nothanda,nendlela abantu abaziphatha ngyo
LISALICIOUS · 10 years ago
Hey guys. We're loving your feedback on FunDza! Thanks so much. It makes a difference to us to know that FunDza makes a difference to you! Keep on sharing that love... and sharing reading on FunDza with your friends too!
FunDza Team · 10 years ago
I agree with phindile memmelo fundza helps us nt be bored anymore.
Qtee · 10 years ago
I luv readin..it jst kips one's mind awake. I rily enjoy romantic stories..thy give advise on relationxips fr me as young prson..:*luv fundza;);)
Perpetua · 10 years ago
Enjy all bt mre especialy the romantic ones
Tunechi · 10 years ago
I have not yet found my preferance. I enjoy fictional books that take ones mind from the normal boring world to a new possibility. I enjoy non-fiction that inspires people to move past adversities, such books that help one
nthabiseng · 10 years ago
Mandela's poem the book i love
Maleciouz · 10 years ago
I lov all da books dat i reda here at fundza.keep it up guys
ZARAS · 10 years ago
Fundza ua da best i dnt get bored becoz of u n iv leant alot
Phindile.mammelo · 10 years ago
All the books dt r published by fundza r so interestin.wish i knew where i cld buy dem,dese books r de best tnx fundza i love ur stories
.-.ff1ff1(*)_LINA_(*)..- · 10 years ago
I wuld lyk to read da Fundza series c0z thy kinda seem interesting
0043ff+(F)LaDy+NaTuRaL(F) · 10 years ago
i luv fundza en i du read ol d tym
KINGL++oveW+ildE++ntertainment2 · 10 years ago
Glad you're enjoying it! :)
FunDza Team · 10 years ago
Wat a cul online library:D i luv fundza
the+punisher · 10 years ago
i really love romant!c books
(c)m!c+f!ne+ch!na(c) · 10 years ago
Plz show me the story abt the blind girl
Buccwe+mthiyane · 10 years ago
I love romantic books dat tlks abt love
confidence+mapaletsebe · 10 years ago
I lov all the books i read here n thy r teachng us abt lyf challenges n thy show us dat u way c people outside all smiles bt at hme thngs aint dat gd
(x)(H)LADY(x)(H)N.(H)COM(H)(x)(F · 10 years ago
i lov reading inspirational,love,thriller n life books......da book i loved da most was ukuthwala dat book was very touchin i got ol emotional while reading it i felt like i was in da story
Mrs+hotchillie-)lava+gal · 10 years ago
Nah mft uzwile ukth kzongcina ka grd 14 manje8o
(x).*800080P.WEAR~ff00ffmic+p* · 10 years ago
I love a book that will make me think of who i am,a book that will touch me i would say a life story book or life changing,romantic book and real life book that i learn from
Atrocious · 10 years ago
My fav book is LIFE IS A STAGE its rlly inspirin n eye opening i lov it
QuEEn\'B.. · 10 years ago
Ihave love this isizulu book kungasa ngifile or umamlambo
LUH · 10 years ago
U dont wana m a story teller every book i read m gona tell my coliks at work its becoming a habbit dey wil actualy ask 1st thing in de morning wat r we reading 2 day my fovorite is letters my mother never read n nobody will ever kill me wow dat waz amazing
Ntonto · 10 years ago
I lv u all guys at the fanz u mk me feel spcl plz gals invt me mr selekoe310 im lv wlkm 2014
Mr+selekoe+310 · 10 years ago
Thundu fundza kanjan
(H)QUEEN(F)ZEE(c) · 10 years ago
*the book i love is that book amagwinya anesibindi,ubugwenxa boyise ndibuvela koonyana,poetry,n plays*
800080*CPHOCE2+lA+UGLY+QUEEN+OF+THE+SOUL* · 11 years ago
All,cos they prvd me whth de infrmtn nd imprv my vocab,as i kp readn nd reduce my stress,since I started having dis applctn,I hv nvr fll lonely,even if I alone,they kp me busy.
Earthquake+wa+lehipi · 11 years ago
I love readin these books it opens a new world filled with polyseme nd jargon nd neglaism
-)_KKTA_-) · 11 years ago
I love reading that have meaning of what is happening like e.g the birth of william shakespere the books that talk about a boy growing and wanting to be a writer.
)mrs+bieberlicious(*)8-)8-( · 11 years ago
O.m.g i dnt knw where 2 begin bt il say the books dat i lv is the books dat have leasen n.i love books dat have writen by mbu e.g no body will ever kill me.ey gyz ur story are very gd keep writing so we can ready more:)
ff2010)_LIND2010ffo25_x · 11 years ago
Oh gosh i dnt knw whr 2 start bcuz im dply inluv wth all da funDza books.i hv read many of dem & some motivate me so much.so 2 da funDza crew i jst wanna say thnk u vry much bcuz i dnt get bored anymore de stories keep me busy all da tym:):):) (H):):):)(H)
DUNMIS · 11 years ago
I really enjoy mst of the books here but my personal favourite "nobody will never kill me" i love the way it takes u through the journey and hardships of mbu maloni,s life and the recent follow ups are great!
*+**mikenation+*(*) · 11 years ago
Well i'm inspired by the story of mbu maloni.... Mbu maloni's story make me strong day by day even if i wanna give up in life but his story makes me more stronger and give the reason for living
*Ms.+Nkhahle+Matshele* · 11 years ago
I lv books bcz they gv us more information
*Balotelli* · 11 years ago
I also lov reading n most of de books are encouraging n awesme lyk Fatal,the revenge on ma stepfather,n many more
*(H)(*)(F)1ff121TOP+DELICATEff1995+LEE(F)(H)* · 11 years ago
Wel so many books hv tkn my heart expecialy romance ly the playa,tholani n lizo olso forbiden love bt so many stories i hv read
Lovely · 11 years ago
I like the buk /In the rapids/ a very amusing buk tht reflects the youth of today.It is a buk of mystery,a buk tht leaves u shocked and wnt 2 get more only 2 fndout tht the story is fnshed.
*._fff000Sff8008PONGE+BOB!!!SQUAREPANTS_\'* · 11 years ago
I love reading because it speeds up my vocabulary and change of tone..texture on words while reading and i love reading about things that are there real life.
Mmabatho · 11 years ago
I loved broken promises nd 2 young 2 die.i riri lv those bookx de r so gud
Asive mgwebi · 11 years ago
3rd Avenue is the best play on the fundza mobisite and i like the way the author uses his characters.
Siyanda · 12 years ago
I love romantic book bt fundza great books that r nt romance. I love " it none of our business" although its nt complete yet. I love " the letters my mother never read" it made me cry nd " nobody will ever kill me" is also very very gud. Ther alot of buks dat r nyc here
Nokuthula Ndima · 12 years ago
GADIVA · 12 years ago
I love reading because it educats me diffrent books teach diffrent lesson like dream girl taught me that nothing is ever to big to dream what matters is hard you work to make your dreams a reality people say the sky is the limit i say reach for the stars make no limit of how high you can go
Dorcas tshungu · 12 years ago
I luv ficion it mkes m awre of wats happenin arnd m..i luv books i cnt g 2 bed wtout readin..wat mkes a gud read z whn a story z able 2 capture ur ful attntion n gts u glued 2 it..da story mst nt b sum old wives tail bt wat w exprience evrydae..i dnt hv a specific book bt evrythin real,motivational,inspirin n touchin z a bst read 2 m
Mzandisi pamela · 12 years ago
I luvd reading 'broken promises' lol da anatomy is vry intrstng, hw i wld shoud at a chrctr
Prudish · 12 years ago
I lyk readng cuz it kp my mind good and i feel stresfre
Joseph · 12 years ago
I lv reading coz m 4rndz nd i keep discussing the nxt books we'l read 4rm fundza nd all tht happens in the class lol
Bongy kuta · 12 years ago
I luv reading bcoz it kps my mind wth occupies my mind wth g8t inspiration nd motivation. Jst invyt m slyzner.
Unathi · 12 years ago
i love readin becauz it broadens my mind and readng keepz me grounded becauz dnt have tym to sit and relax.i have always sumthng to read.dats y i love FUNZA
takatso wa tshepo · 12 years ago