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How about my Moya chat can't we communicate there
Mshegu · a month ago
When can I register
Mshegu · a month ago
Is my grade 11 reports needed I can pay from my pockets cauz I'm not sure if u have funding
Mshegu · a month ago
8203245803087 · 2 months ago
I understand very well the terms and conditions. I would like to participate in writing for fundza.
Mapfhumo · 3 months ago
I will like to participate in fundza . I enjoy reading
Tshiu · 3 months ago
PRISON NIGHTMARES volume 1 considers the history of social struggles briefly but adequately, thus helping the reader to understand it's nature and origins. Connecting a reader with its calm in difficult circumstances, epistemological and methodological traditions, this book becomes a valuable source of knowledge for inmates and ordinary persons alike. Despite how passive violent conflicts may seem in our prisons, most are conducted in accord with shared rules, as in judicial proceedings or in electoral politics. However, generally are those that are conducted to a significant degree within those constraints. Although social conflicts are an inherent part of human life, so thus inside prison hostilities.
Ammi · 10 months ago