But everytime there was this man that always captured her attention not because of the fact that he was handsome but because it was love at first glance,his name was ayabonga jali

Days went by they started dating and eventually she became pregnant and in love with the broke man nextdoor that’s how nontombi usually called him not knowing that his the future son-in-law


Aya:baby kutheni undfihla kumamakho(baby why are you hiding me from your mother)

Zanele: love avendichazile ndzokuveza ingxesha xal fikile(love I told you I will show her when the time is right)

Aya:ok kodwa kawleza isisu sesiyavela(ok but hurry your stomach is starting to show)

Zanele:yah,neh (disappointed)


In the evening nontombi was crying while praying when zanele asked her what’s wrong she just said she’s worried about her health that’s all so she decided that tomorrow was the perfect time to tell her mother that’s she’s pregnant with the broke nextdoor man which would add more salt in her wound