Katli was at her house looking at the cute girls still traying to figure out which names to give them. She and her boyfriend swore to never tell them the truth Nkosi seemed confused. Katli was happy and also sad and curious. Katli called her mother and told her the whole story from a to z.

She named those twins Katli and Kamo – she liked those names years after people were asking katli questionsaskimg her anout the twins they would say they did not see her with a big tummy were did she get those kids.

The kids were now 13 years old and they looked nothing like Katli but they were not suspicious of her she and nkosi were going threw a rough time in their relationship they were fighting over having a child. Nkosi wanted to have a child, his real blood. That would piss katli off because she saw kamo and the young katli as her own flesh and blood and they would end up fighting.

Nkosi was threatening katli that he would sing and tell the kids the truth nkosi was using this secret as his opponents to have a child with katli bu t katli refused .after few years the twins were turning 16 they were old now kamo was very bad she wanted to have a car she thought that katli was a millionaire or something so she took nkosis car and drove it around kasi she went on and picked her friends and they convinced her to go to a highway so that she can prove that she can drive and she did that is when she went out of the way and hit someone.

It was about 10 at night they went and checked outside. The killed a neighbor. They were freaking out; they dug a hole for the guy and buried him