20 April 2017

Dear Diary

I’m now heading towards my house which looks like someone lives there I enter before anyone recognizes me I can’t really take this anymore I run to the basement there are really old stuff inside and a lot of dust we don’t go to the basement at all. Suddenly I saw a light it was my deceased brother my mom told me that she adopted me but she found out that I once had a brother who was a bit older but he died along with someone who’s my sister.

They kept saying hurry up sister I the wrote a letter to Tara if she ever finds it I would be happy I then took a rope tied it in the roof I took a stool I prepared myself to jump I jumped it was so painful that I felt warm in my leggings then it went blank it was all over that how I became a ghost and I wrote this story so whoever finds my diary your next you might read it at night so I could appear. I’m sore Tara will find this diary