Ohh no dad just took his credit cardπŸ™€,I honestly didn’t think he would take cz he has been ‘taking’ it for a long time but ker askholapho.

So I guess u know it by now I am daddy’s princess,yep when he says he’s gonna take the card he doesn’t really mean that but now I guess he did,damn I forgot to introduce myself I was busy worrying abt how am I going to buy the latest Louis Vuitton bagπŸ™Š.Sorry🀧

So my name is Zamandlane Jones and I’m a 16 year old spoilt daddy’s girl 😝who also happens to be the only child 😊and I live in Cape Town with my dad and my mom ofcause,Mr and Mrs Jones don’t mind the surname I once asked my dad abt it and he said it was used by our forefathers which also means we have white genes if u get what I’m sayin’ and I am homeschooled which I don’t mind cz I could always tell my dad that I’m tired to learn and he could just send the teacher home(my mom’s doesn’t approve of that btw)but trust me I get good grades.

she always says my dad spoils me too muchπŸ™„ like who the hell is supposed to spoil me if not my dad and my daddy’s excuse is always the same”Nobuhle my love if I don’t spoil her then who is going to enjoy my money”and my mom just rolls her eyes.I know I over spend sometimes….ok ok all the time which is what triggered my dad to take his credit card even though I don’t see the need,I mean I just used 20 000 yesterday spoiling me and my friends I mean what was wrong with that that’s barely the money he makes a day and we were celebrating my friend’s birthday and we didn’t wanna have a birthday party I mean it’s not a big dealπŸ™„, right 🀨.like both my parents are super rich so🀷 u can’t really blame me they are both big shot lawyers btw.

π•Šπ•† 𝕐𝔼𝔸ℍ 𝕀 𝔸𝕄 ℀𝔸𝕄𝔸ℕ𝔻𝕃𝔸ℕ𝔼 but u can call me Zama

what do u think of the story so far do u think Zama Is being a spoilt brat or do u think her daddy was being dramatic πŸ€” take a moment to think abt it