It’s early in the morning, Nosiphiwo is walking alone heading to her school. She’s not feeling okay at all and she’s suspecting that she must’ve ate something bad for her stomach. (Nosiphiwo speaking alone) “Jeez looks like I made a mistake , this feels bad to be honest” she then sees a boy walking towards her.

“Well ,Hey there!”.

Nosiphiwo:Hi !

Thabiso:Are you okay??

Nosiphiwo:yes absolutely,y…

Thabiso:No need to be so overprotective my lady,by the way my name is Thabiso(as he smiles)

Nosiphiwo is kinda taken by the smile of this young man

Nosiphiwo:And I’m Nosiphiwo,and I have to say it my first time seeing you around here.

Thabiso:Most definitely! I’m new here .

Nosiphiwo:Mmm I see,…

Thabiso:yeah!,I assume you heading to school

Nosiphiwo:yes I am and you were right,angizizwa njerh namhlanjerh

Thabiso:oh no my lady you shouldn’t go to school “ungekho right”

Nosiphiwo:I just can’t miss a day mft.and wena…

Thabiso: I’m taking my gap year


Thabiso:let me just say money problems

Do think Thabiso is really poor or is he lying? I know it is too soon to tell but try and take a guess!!