(Mapula arrived at home she was really inOlove with omolemo)

Emihle: Hi sister can you lend me your phone I want to sent the files

Mapula:Okey (taking aut the phone and giving it to Emihle )

(While emihle was sending a what’sup notification poped it was Kgotsatso it was saying “Mapula I love you from the first time I saw you would you be mine

Emihle: what’s the hell

Mapula: what’s sister

Emihle:you ,you are nothing but a hypocrite

Mapula :what did I do now

Emihle:nxa I hate you bitch you are a dog (Emahle slapping mapula)

Mapula: what did I do to you Kanti

(Emihle went out crying)

Mapula:what the hell (looking at the phone)



MAM KHUMALO:yazi my childrens I hate it when you are all sad

Mbali:ayi ma we are fine don’t worry mam

Emihle:you know sometimes you must know the person you are eating with at the table that person may be a Angel but inside is a devel (looking at mapula)

Mapula:and that’s why people mustn’t jump into conclusion cause you’ll think everyone wants bad for you, you must ask before jumping into conclusion

Emihle:you know the devel come to steal and destroy

Mapula:and the devel wants people to fight

Emihle :Yaa and the …(mam khumalo interrupted)

Mam khumalo:yeey you two what’s wrong

Emihle:no we where just citing the Bible


Mam khumalo :let’s shut up and eat

(After that they all went to sleep but Mapula could not she was thinking about Omolemo how she loves him and adore him she then decide to end all her relationships with other guys through what’sup

And she was left with Omolemo the guy she loves)