The next day

Wow a very good morning today I said to myself. Today is my first day in med class and it was great. We learned a lot and i met a friend her name is Kelly and she’s  really friendly and a hooking up kind of person and she is my partner. 
So the day is great so far. After the session we went to Starbucks and grabbed a cup of coffee and then, there I saw the same cute guy i saw the last time. He winked at me and I was speechless. I carried on talking to Kelly as if nothing had happened. But then I felt a presence behind. I knew from very first moment it was him and I was right. I turned back and I saw his killer smile with those gold teeth and dimples. I swear I’m on a cuteness overload. 
“Hi can I talk to you privately” he said. 
“Sure” I replied. So we went the corner.
“so I know this may sound weird but can I get to know you better I mean chat sometime” he said, ok firstly he is bad at talking to girls, but he soo cute. i wish I could cuddle him right now.
” Ok that’s wonderful we could meet sometime,” I said. 
“Meet me here tonight 7pm ” he said.
” Ok I’ll be there” I said. Then he left. I went back to Kelly and she just sat there and stared at me.
“what” I asked.
“he’s not the guy that you think he is,” she said