Your love is like
That burned
My heart into ashes
Patiently I waited for the wind
To blow it away to 
remove you from my heart,
Your love is like the paws of a cat
It scratched my heart
Leaving me with lingering scars,
You sniffed me like a drug
Of lust 
And I became addicted 
Being unwary
Of conditional love you showed
You poisoned me with lies
Only to fool me to dig
A pit with 
A shovel that tomorrow 
You’ll push me in
To be snared by regrets,
When I think of
The time I’ve wasted
Anxiety attacks me 
My chest was filled with air
To make me unable
To breath,
I couldn’t seem to 
Understand that to love 
Is too vulnerable,
Because all along the journey 
Of our love
I felt like I was doomed,
Until you left me on 
The road hanging alone,
Helplessly I watched you
Driving a car of your life
Moving on like we never existed,
While I got stuck,
Waiting to heal
From the mess you throw me.