Deslin Fortuin’s poem. 25 August 2020

Sometimes I sit and wonder, when “You’re” leaving me.

I wish over and over that “You ” go away.

As the tears roll down my cheeks I remember

That I am strong.

Yes “You” are abusing me inside my body

NO ONE can see the scars and pain.

But I and many like me can feel “you”.

Remember i fight back.

“YOU” make me fall on my knees but I always try to

get back up.

It feels like a war inside my body.

I am exposing “you” ENDOMETRIOSIS!

for the abuser you are.

I live on medication to control you.

At times “you” are so stubborn to show me i have no control.

My prayer is that one day I will be cured if not here on earth I know in the kingdom of God.

Many don’t know about “your” existence or seriousness.

Some men left the woman because of “you” that brought infertility and pain.

I have my rock mr. F and 2 girl blessings from God.

I have a mother thats confused of who “you” are.

But I have a praying Grandma, husband and family.

I always get back up because I have God on my side.