I always looked at you.

Your eyes had a story.

Which could never be told in words.

I’m ready to carry out your every order just like a servant.

Do I get anything in return?

Maybe something.

What would you give me?

Maybe your love?

Your destructive love.

Whatever it is, I will always accept it.

Your presence tests me.

I want you to end your breaths over me.

I want to drive you crazy.

I want to intoxicate you with my love.

But you would not be able to touch it.

My master, your wish is my command.

Ask for my life; I will give it right away.

You are necessary for living.

Would you love me?

Would you love me?

I have passion; I should be worthy of you.

Without you, life is a punishment.

Your name is on my fate.

You are my journey.

You are my destination.

Would you love me?