This is not the end,
Are you ready to dance in the fire?
Female dragon,
Our conversation was on fire.
Watch yourself so you don’t burn.
No breast to rest.
My heart is so cold but iceless.
Can I call this the end?
But, yet never come.
Spears thrown straight,
To my stone heart,
They bounce back to them.
But, I need to save myself 
From the demons in my mind,
They’re calling me by name but,
I refuse to answer back at them.
Aiming my arrows up higher,
So close to shoot but,
I hope the world doesn’t fall over me.
Like the lion’s heart, I’m brave.
My worries are necessary,
My world is far from the end,
Are you ready to drown?
In your tears, let me dry your tears.
Fight and fall until you follow,
At the beginning of the world.
But, did they tell you about the world’s end?
Are you ready to be suffocated?
By your mind and heartbeat,
Until you can’t breathe any more
The world’s end.