What does it mean to be a woman
Is it cooking and cleaning so you make a good wife one day
Is keeping your virginity until marriage so you can be pure
Is it carry a child nine months and mothering that child for the first 1000 days of their life.
Is it being with one man at a time so you are not considered as loose
Is is bearing pain even when you know it will kill you because you are strong as a rock.
Is it smiling at your children and giving them hope while you don’t recognize the woman in the mirror.
Is it staying with a man who does value you because you fear being called names for leaving
Is it building a man who you met with 32 teeth in his mouth.
Is it give care and love to the world because love comes naturally to woman
Is it being a yes yes and obedient because man is head of household
Is being a woman sacrificing your soul to make everyone happy.
Is it making sure you are home before it’s dark because you make risk never getting home
Is it not wear what you want on your body because it may be taken as an invite to violet your body.
Is it not being able to speak your mind because this is a man’s world.
What is it being woman