Why Me.

Why me Lord.

Why me Father.

They trying to bring me down.

They want to see me down no my knees.

They want to end me!

They want to see me in fear.

In fear of life.

Why Me lord.

Oh. Please

Just give me the strength.

The power to fight.

Cause I’m tired.

I’m tired of fighting for everything.

I’m tired of pretending as if

I dont see they are pretending for me.

Is it Game over with me.

Why does one

Use my background as their leverage.

Why does one use my skin to taunt

Why does one. Just live for me.

Oh. GOD!

Please just help.

I need you on this one.

I am In need of you.

In my spirit thine.

I’m my life thine.

In everything thine.