Where is love?
Everyone asks the question but nobody answers.
We’re all searching in the same direction but the differences are never the same. 
The perfect moment of being loved is worth more than we expect. 
Show me your love and I will show you the right person to love. 
Where is love?
Is in my heart and my soul. 
The perfect moment to express is deeper than I can tell.
We all look the same but depends on how we react to it.
My heart filled with love, my soul filled with the happiness we bring. 
Where is love?
In the thin air my friend right where they find you.
The idea was already in our minds but can we talk about the same thing?
You are so hard to find with pure intentions but you are easy to feel.
The stars can’t touch you at all, coz you live in us.
They look for you in the wrong places at the right times.
Sometimes you need to show yourself so we can find you easy my friend.
Where is love? 
In the cold world, everything turns into ice.
My heart turned to the ice like my body freezing.
I feel nothing like the monster coz they love it too.
Switched feelings like nobody’s business. 
And still, where is love?